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Additional Configuration for Cisco UC

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Last updated: 11 Jan, 2022

IP Telephony System parameters

In the Imagicle UC Suite web interface click Admin -> System Parameters, then click on the "IP Telephony System parameters" button. Check that the IP Address, CallManager Username and CallManager password fields are properly configured. These are used for setting up the AXL connection to the Cisco UC for retrieving information about users, phones, extension mobility, …

Note: Extension mobility is supported only if the users log onto one phone at a time. This is an option you can activate on CuCM. If you allow the same user to log onto multiple phones at the same time, click to dial and directory lookup won't work.

User's List

For each UC Suite User leveraging Contact Manager, two fields must be filled in the User Configuration Form: "Device name" and "PBX Username". You can access the User Configuration Form in the UCS web interface by clicking "ADMIN ⇒ User Management", selecting a user and the pressing the "Modify" button.

If Extension Mobility is enabled for this user, fill the "PBX Username" with own Cisco Username (the one used to log in to the phone).

If Extension Mobility is not enabled, fill the "Device name" with proper device (SEPxxxx, CSFxxxx, etc.) and save the changes.

Setting both fields is ok, but the association will always be made depending on the "Enable Extension Mobility" settings in the Manage Service page (see below).

TAPI Configuration and Device association

If you plan to use the Caller ID service on Cisco unified CallManager, you can opt for legacy TAPI-based method and install Cisco TSP as described here. You must also associate the phone devices as described here. Starting form CuCM 10.0, ECC can be implemented as an alternative to provide the Caller ID service. See here for mode details.

Enabling Extension Mobility and Starting services

On the web interface select "Contact Manager ⇒ Manage Service". Just click on the Start button to start relevant service. When the system is started you can click the Stop button to STOP the system. The aim of Contact Manager service is to collect the phone devices' IP addresses needed to provide the Click to Dial and Caller ID / Directory lookup features. Contact Manager service should be up and running also to allow users' synch against CUCM or other sources.

Extension Mobility

If you use Extension mobility in your organization, set the preference accordingly. When disabled, the association between the Imagicle UC Suite user and its associated device will be made trough the First Extension Number and, for shared lines, the Device name. If Extension Mobility is enabled, the device on which the directories will be displayed will be the one on which the CUCM username entered in the "PBX username" field is logged onto.

Article ID: 111
Last updated: 11 Jan, 2022
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