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Last updated: 20 May, 2020

Upgrading to the latest version requires: performing a full backup, installing the latest installation package over the existing installation, and checking the configuration. Detailed procedures follow. Before updating, please ensure you have downloaded the right package and that it is covered by a maintenance agreement (see below).

Version Numbers and Version Compatibility

The Application Suite has a main version number that applies to the whole installation package.

The version number is the one you may find in the filename of the installation package. It is composed by four parts: Major Version, Release season, Build and Hotfix.

For instance, version 2020.1.1.h2 means Application Suite version 2020 Winter build #1, hotfix 2.

You may always upgrade to the latest version, even when Major version is not the same. E.g. you can install 2020.3.1 over 2015.1.1. In any case, all the applications are backwards compatible.

Imagicle requires the specific applications being upgraded to be covered by a Maintenance Agreement. Please refer to the official website for more information about available ImagicleCare plans.

Note: different releases of the Application Suite cannot be installed on the same machine at the same time.

Update procedure

To update an existing installation to the latest build:

  • Perform a Backup with the Backup and Restore tool
  • Install the new package over the existing one, on the same machine
  • Choose the same installation folder
  • Reboot the server

Upgrading Imagicle Billing also requires to fully run the Configuration Wizard to the last step.

Cluster installations require a slightly different procedure, detailed in the High Availability section.

Upgrading StoneFax to version 2012.12.x or later from a previous version

Upgrading Stonefax will cause all the faxes to disappear from the user's Inbox and Outbox. This is because they are now managed through a different process. To make old faxes available to the users, go to the StoneFax Manage Service web page and click on the "Import Old Faxes" button. If there is no such button, no fax needs to be imported. Before importing the faxes, please make sure the user's list is correctly configured.

Upgrading from a Stonevoice Application Suite for CallManager Express

The CME suite no longer exists and has been replaced by the generic Imagicle Application Suite for Cisco UC.  You can upgrade your Stonevoice Application Suite for CallManager Express to this edition being aware that:

  1. SSAM Professional will be replaced by the SSAM Enterprise. The upgrade does not require reconfiguration, except for the MWI pattern on CME. Please check the relevant section of this guide for details
  2. Billy Blues’4 does not require reconfiguration
  3. StoneFax does not require reconfiguration
  4. Speedy, will be replaced by the Speedy Enterprise 64 users. The upgrade does not require reconfiguration
  5. IVR Manager will be replaced by the IVR Manager 4 gateways. The upgrade does not require reconfiguration
  6. Concerto is no longer available in the new suite, upgrading will result in the program being removed from your system
  7. Queue Manager Professional will be replaced by the more powerful Enterprise version with 4 channels, but will require a full reconfiguration.

After upgrading, you need to re-activate the license of every application you were using: you can get a new license at no additional cost for each application you have a valid maintenance contract for. Please contact imagicle Sales Team ( to renew or learn more.

If you are still running the old Billy, please contact imagicle sales to purchase the upgrade to Billy Blue’s 4.

If you don’t want to go through the upgrade process, the latest downloadable version of Imagicle Application Suite for CME is Spring 2013 (2013.3.3). Please check for end of support info.

Special recommendations when upgrading to 2020.Spring.1 release or above

SQL Server Express instance update

When upgrading from release 2020.Winter.1 or older to 2020.Spring.1 or above, setup wizard prompts you to install a local MS-SQL Server 2017 Express Edition instance, if not yet available. This is highly recommended, because SQL Server 2008 Express is no longer compatible with most recent Windows Server OS versions. You can accept the installation or you can keep existing internal/external SQL Server instance by unchecking relevant SQL install option. See below screenshot:

If new SQL Server 2017 installation is chosen, please keep in mind that Imagicle Suite keeps using the old SQL 2008 instance. See here how to move data from old to new SQL instance. You can do that later, at the end of update wizard.

SQL Server Full-Text Search service

If a local MS-SQL Server 2017 Express Edition instance is already installed in your IAS, and it does not include Full-Text Search service, you have the possibility (mandatory from Spring 2021 and above) to add this very important indexing service, which allows a much quicker contact search across multiple Speedy directories, even involving millions of contact, without having to wait several seconds to get a response. In this case, the following window appears:

Database check

Going forward with update wizard, depending on starting Imagicle release, it might be requested to perform several server reboots, to allow the installation of additional Microsoft components. Always reboot as required.

During setup wizard, you will be prompted to check SQL instance configuration. Just confirm existing parameters by click Next. See below screenshot sample:

Installing SQL Full-Text Search service

If a local SQL Server 2017 Express instance is installed and “Full-Text search” feature is not available yet (Spring 2020 release or above), you are prompted to perform the installation of this feature. See below screenshot:

This Feature, implemented since Spring.2020.1 release, allows to speed-up contacts search across millions of entries included into Speedy directories.

Manual installation of Full-Text Search service on SQL Server versions other than 2017

When local SQL server version is different than 2017 Express or you are dealing with an external SQL Server instance, you can manually install the Full-Text service.

To add Full-Text Search feature into your existing SQL instance, you must run SQL Server installer, paying attention to use "Express Advanced" package and not "Express Core" package (only in case of SQL Server Express). Please add Full-Text and Semantic Extractions for Search feature to chosen instance. See below sample:

Billing data migration

When upgrading from release 2020.Winter.1 or older to 2020.Spring.1 or above, setup package automatically migrates all billing data from old to new data warehouse within SQL database. For this reason, you get a message about possible delays in migrating CDRs. See below:

When an Imagicle cluster with replicated DB is in place, above migration is performed in master node only (regardless the order nodes are updated), so above message is not displayed in subsequent nodes. When using a shared DB, migration happens during first node update.

Repairing an existing installation

To repair an existing installation, install the same package (i.e. same version number) over the existing one just like in the case of a minor upgrade.

Repairing StoneFax installation

During the update, the Setup program could ask you if you want to repair the existing StoneFax installation. This means creating the virtual serial ports and the virtual modems again.

If StoneFax are already correctly installed and running, do not select the repair option. Repairing a working installation may cause problems and need a real repair later.

Changing the default language

To change the default language for the Suite, perform a Repair Installation and make a different choice.

The default language affects the web interface, the Attendant Console interface and the audio files of the users for whom the "user language" field in the User Management is blank.

Note - Users' welcome messages for the SSAM application will remain in the old language even if installing a complete Application Suite package in a different language.

License status and configuration after the update

Once an application is registered on a machine, the registration is persistent among different versions even after uninstalling and reinstallation. There is no need to register again if you perform an upgrade of the IAS package on the same machine.

Imagicle might releases new applications when a new Application Suite package is issued. New applications might replace the old ones. Old applications may also be discontinued but not replaced.

On the technical side, an application is considered new when it has brand new features which dramatically improve the user experience. On the commercial side, a new application has a different commercial code and different license string or activation token. New and replaced applications require a new license.

Article ID: 11
Last updated: 20 May, 2020
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