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Attendant console could be slow if settings are in a shared network folder

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Last updated: 21 Mar, 2022

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Imagicle Attendant Console


The attendant console might appear very unresponsive if the settings directory is stored on a network drive like with roaming profiles, this would be particularly noticeable when the network is heavily used, the user(s) are connected over a VPN, there is high latency etc.


Move the settings folder in a place that is local and not synced/roamed, to do so you can create a local folder in a location that is excluded from the roaming/sync profile. to do so, please, proceed as follow:

  • Be sure the attendant console is completely close
  • Locate the Attendant Console installation folder which is typically under "C:\Program Files (x86)\Imagicle Blue's Attendant"
  • Locate and edit the file installer.ini. If the file doesn't already exists create it, otherwise make a backup before editing it
  • Edit installer.ini to get the following configuration:


  • The "HomeDir" should be replaced with the path where you would like the Attendant Console write the local settings files.
    for example, if you want the Attendant Console will save all local settings to the folder "C:\AttendantConsoleSettings" you have to edit the file as follow:


  • The folder ("HomeDir" parameter) can be in whatever path you wish, but you have to manually create the folder being sure the path is not synced nor roamed
  • Save the file
  • Run the Attendant Console and confirm everything is working
Article ID: 810
Last updated: 21 Mar, 2022
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