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Last updated: 08 Jan, 2019

Log files

The Application Suite modules record some or all their activity into plain text files known as log files. The content of the log files is mainly addressed to Imagicle technical support team or to the developers, but you can also find information about application configuration (or misconfiguration) which can be useful to the system administrator. Program internal errors are always logged.

All the Application Suite modules generate log files in the same folder:

C:\Program Files\StonevoiceAS\Var\Log

Log collection 

Enable logs

  1. Login as Administrator in the SAS web interface
  2. Go to Admin | Support | Logs
  3. Place a flag on "Enable Diagnostic Logs"
  4. Recreate the issue

Collect logs

  1. Login as Administrator in the SAS web interface
  2. Go to Admin | Support | Logs
  3. Select "All" under "Download logs for application:"
  4. Select the correct date when the issue has been recreated under "Download logs with date:"
  5. Click on "Download" and provide us the file

Event viewer

If a Application Suite service raises an unhandled exception (i.e. crashes) the details are recorded in Windows Event Viewer. At the command prompt type:


Check both the special IAS event viewer log and the standard Windows Application log.

Warning: a failed fax will generate an error entry in the Application log. This is not an issue. A fax can fail for a number of reasons, including the destination number being busy or wrong.

Advanced configuration through settings files

Many details of the behaviour of Imagicle application are controlled by configuration files. As a general rule, you do not need to change them unless Imagicle Technical Supports instructs you to do so. After changing any setting, stop the affected service from the web interface, run "iisreset" from the command prompt, and restart the service form the web interface. You may change more than a parameter at once.

Article ID: 33
Last updated: 08 Jan, 2019
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