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Call Recording on Broadworks Platform

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Last updated: 28 Jan, 2019
to version Application Suite 201x (any version)

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Winter 2019


Call Recording on Broadworks Platform


Imagicle Call Recording can deliver call recording capabilities to PBX BroadWorks Platform (R22.0), both in case of On Prem and Cloud scenarios; the following recording modes are supported:

  • Always On
  • Always On with Pause/Resume
  • On Demand with User Initiated Start


Network Configuration

If Imagicle Application Suite is deployed in a network  environment configured with NAT (this typycally happens in Cloud based scenarios), it is necessary to connect via RDP to Imagicle Application Suite Server and navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\StonevoiceAS\Apps\Recorder\Settings. Locate the file Recorder.Opal.config.xml and add the two lines below inbetween the configuration xml tags.

<preference key="voip.paramgeneral.nat.method" value="STUN"  />
<preference key="voip.paramgeneral.nat.server" value="" />    

Save file and restart Call Recorder service.

IAS Configuration 

For any PBX User who needs to be recorded it is required to create a IAS User specifying into his PBX username PBX userId, with domain included (i.e.

Article ID: 649
Last updated: 28 Jan, 2019
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