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Last updated: 21 Oct, 2019

Upgrading a cluster node

When you upgrade a cluster node to a newer Application Suite version, if needed, the setup procedure will automatically reinitialise the cluster configuration on that node. You won't need to do any other action on it.

Note that you can upgrade the cluster nodes one by one, so the cluster availability won't suffer any disruption during the upgrade.

This operation may take a while (though not much more than an usual Application Suite upgrade on a standalone machine) but, when complete, the setup program will continue and finish the installation as usual.

When upgrading existing IAS cluster there is an additional requirement.

The master node must be upgraded before any other node of the cluster. Besides, the master node must be up and reachable along the upgrade process of a slave node. The setup will warn you if you try to upgrade a slave node without having upgraded the master node first.

Backup of a cluster

To backup the configuration and/or historical data of an Imagicle Cluster, just perform a standard Application Suite backup (using the IAS dediceted backup tool) on one node of the cluster. Since data and configuration are shared and syncronized between them, it is enough to backup one node.

Restoring a cluster

The Application Suite's standard restore procedure on a node belonging to a cluster causes that node to exit the cluster.

So, the procedure to restore a previous status (configuration and historical data) of a cluster, given an Application Suite's backup, requires to:

  1. Restore an Application Suite's backup on a node (the node will from exit the cluster)
  2. Re-create the whole cluster starting from that node, that is, using that machine as first node

Detailed steps:

  1. Choose a node of the cluster to be the new cluster's first node (N)
  2. On node N:
    1. restore the Application Suite's backup B1
    2. generate a new backup, B2, excluding historical data
    3. restart the machine
    4. follow the standard cluster creation procedure (see above)
  3. On all other nodes (except N):
    1. restore the Application Suite's backup B2
    2. restart the machine
    3. follow the node addition wizard, using N as the node to join to

Removing a node from the cluster

To remove a node from an existing cluster, use the following procedure.

  1. Upgrade all the cluster nodes to AppSuite 2015 Summer build 3 or later
  2. Stop "Imagicle Replication Service" on all nodes
  3. On the node you want to remove, run the following program:
    On the tool user interface, choose the local node.

  4. Run the same tool on all the remaining cluster nodes. On the tool user interface, choose the IP of the node you removed.

For any problem regarding one of the activities above, you'll need to contact Imagicle technical support.

Article ID: 535
Last updated: 21 Oct, 2019
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