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Last updated: 13 Dec, 2019

Warning: you must install and configure the Application Suite before being able to configure the single applications.
Please go through the AppSuite Deployment, Main Configuration, and User Management sections before reading on.

For best results, we recommend configuring Imagicle Billing performing the following steps in exact order.

  • Install the Application Suite Setup package
  • The Setup will ask some general information and ask will you to execute Imagicle Billing Configuration Wizard
  • When the Wizard closes log into the web interface and enter the user list
  • Configure the Application Suite general parameters
  • Through the Administrative Page check that all Imagicle Billing services are running
  • If you have a valid license, activate it now using the License page. If you do not have it yet, the application will run in evaluation mode for 30 days
Article ID: 729
Last updated: 13 Dec, 2019
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