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Last updated: 01 Apr, 2019

You can freely download the Application Suite from Imagicle web site. The creation of an account with a valid email address might be required.

There are two deployment options:

  1. Through Imagicle Virtual Appliance, which is easier and faster
  2. Downloading the setup package and installing it on a Windows server

Both the Virtual appliance and the Setup package include SQL Server Express edition, which is free and suitable for small and medum business deployments. To deploy using an external SQL server database, see below.

Deploying ApplicationSuite through Virtual Appliance

The Imagicle Virtual Appliance (VAI) is a fully functional and ready VMware OVA including Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard OS and Imagicle ApplicationSuite.

An OVA is a pre-configured virtual machine that can be easily deployed on VMware environments.

It includes the Windows operating system, the Imagicle applications and the database. Windows runs in evaluation mode for 180 days. A suitable Windows Server license, not provided by Imagicle, must be bought and activated on the server within that time.

To setup the VAI, follow these steps:

  • Download the OVA
  • Deploy it on the VMware host. The procedure depends on the VMware version you are using. Please refer to VMware documentation.
  • When you deploy the OVA, VMWare will ask you to accept VMWare Eula
  • If you are running an ESX environment, you'll be asked which preset profile you want to use for the virtual machine (see below)
  • Start the VM
  • Windows first time configuration will ask you the Operating System Language, Time zone and Keyboard setting. Please note that if you want to run Imagicle Application Suite with Arabic interface, you have to select the English language.
  • You'll be logged in as the ImagicleVAI user, which is a local Administrator. The password is ImagicleVAI.
  • A welcome video will tell you what to do next, then you'll be brought to the web administration login page

All Imagicle applications will run with full features for 30 days.

After the VAI deployment, you must go through the AppSuite common configuration steps, then configure the single applications, as described in the product configuration guides.

Imagicle OVA profiles

Note: preset profiles do not apply to VMware Workstation.

Ax Server

  • Imagicle VAI configuration that supports up to 3 Apps (Medium business)
  • Imagicle VAI configuration that supports up to 5 Apps (Small business)


  • CPU: 2 vCPU with 1000 MHz reservation (2000 Mhz reservation recommended)
  • Memory: 4.0 GB with 2.0 GB reservation
  • Disk: 1 - 80 GB disk

Bx Server

  • Imagicle VAI configuration that supports up to 3 Apps (Large business)
  • Imagicle VAI configuration that supports up to 5 Apps (Medium business)
  • Imagicle VAI configuration that supports up to 7 Apps (Small business)


  • CPU: 2 vCPU with 2000 MHz reservation (5000 Mhz reservation recommended)
  • Memory: 4.0 GB with 4.0 GB reservation
  • Disk: 1 - 80 GB disk

Cx Server

  • Imagicle VAI configuration that supports up to 5 Apps (Large business)
  • Imagicle VAI configuration that supports up to 7 Apps (Medium business)
  • Imagicle VAI configuration that supports up to 11 Apps (Small business)


  • CPU: 4 vCPU with 4000 MHz reservation (10000 Mhz reservation recommended)
  • Memory: 8.0 GB with 8.0 GB reservation
  • Disk: 1 - 80 GB disk

Dx Server

  • Imagicle VAI configuration that supports up to 7 Apps (Large business)
  • Imagicle VAI configuration that supports up to 11 Apps (Medium business)


  • CPU: 8 vCPU with 8000 MHz reservation (20000 Mhz recommended)
  • Memory: 16.0 GB with 16.0 GB reservation
  • Disk: 1 - 80 GB disk

Virtual Hard Disk Type

The required virtual drive provisioning for all the configurations is Thick Provisioned - Eager Zeroed.

Deploying ApplicationSuite through the Setup Package

Download the latest package released for your telephony system from Imagicle web site, and run the installer.

Setup Wizard Details

This section describes the operations performed by the setup utility and the information you'll be asked.

Network installation is supported, meaning that you can execute the setup program from a network share.

When the package starts, you are prompted to choose a language. The language of the Setup user interface is always English. The language selection affects the behavior of the applications AFTER installation.

Prerequisites Verification and Installation

The operating system requirements and prerequisites verification is executed before the main installation wizard starts. Compatibility with other Imagicle Products installed on the machine is also checked. Should a requirement fail, the setup package will try to install it automatically.

Warning: please reboot the server each time the setup asks you to do so!

License Agreement

You are required to accept the terms of the License Agreement to install the Application Suite. The main License Agreement for the package covers the entire IAS version being installed.

Information about Antiviral Software

If an antivirus is installed on the target machine, it must be disabled at least for the duration of the Application Suite installation. When the installation is finished, we recommend configuring the antivirus to exclude the folder the IAS has been installed to.

During installation, please disable Antivirus, Firewalls, Malicious Software Removal, Security Essentials, Cookie blockers and similar.

Warning: disabling a network antivirus locally usually has no effect even if the local antivirus interface says so. It must be disabled by the central network management interface by creating a special group for the Application Suite server.

After installation, you might want to re-enable them one by one making sure they do not affect the applications.

An antivirus software can be installed in the IAS server, if compliant to the following requirements/restrictions:

  • It must have low CPU usage, not to impair Imagicle applications performance
  • It should allow TCP-IP communications both locally and towards the external systems/devices (PBX, IP Phones, AD/LDAP servers, email servers). Please check the "Network setup" page of this guide for more information
  • The IAS installation folder tree (normally "C:\Program Files (x86)\StonevoiceAS" and its subfolders) should be excluded from the antivirus scan and agents activity, in order to not lock files and folders
  • Disk scan should be done only during the off-peak hours (normally at night time)

More over:

  • Remember to enable the Microsoft Windows DEP (Data Execution Prevention) only for Windows programs and services
  • Disabling Windows Defender is mandatory

Backup Data

This page is displayed only when you are reinstalling over an existing IAS installation. Click the button to launch the Backup and Restore utility of the installed IAS version. If the Backup and Restore utility does not start, see the troubleshooting section below.

Select Destination Location

If you are installing the IAS for the first time on the target machine, you may select any folder you wish.

Note - The file system of the volume you are installing the IAS on must be NTFS. You cannot install the IAS on FAT file systems.

If you uninstalled the IAS from the target machine previously, you should install the IAS in the same folder where the previous package was installed.

Create Imagicle Web Administration Account

This page allows you to modify the default username and password that the Imagicle Application Suite administrator will use to log on to the IAS web interface. This page also allows you to recover from a lost username or password because it will overwrite existing credentials.

The IAS administrator is a super user which always has full permissions on all the applications, and is allowed to configure the system and create other users with limited or extended permissions. This user cannot be deleted.

If you choose to accept the default value, the administrator will be able to access the IAS using the following default credentials:

Username: admin

Password: admin

These credentials may be modified later from within the IAS web interface.

Choose between clean setup and upgrade

If you are making a fresh installation, select "start with a new configuration". If you are performing an upgrade or a migration, select the other option. In this case the Setup program will launch the Restore tool when appropriate, asking for the location of the backup files.

Begin installation

Review the information and press the "Install" button to start copying files and installing services.

Post-copy installation steps

Once the application files are installed, additional configuration is required.

Local Area Code and Other Location Information

The following message is displayed when installing StoneFax.

Choose your country and your local area code. Press OK. twice to close the control panel windows. Setup will resume when you press ok.

Driver installation

The following alert is displayed when installing StoneFax. Press Yes / Install this Driver Anyway.

Database connection

The IAS Setup package deploys a SQL server instance on the machine.

Here are the default settings for the local SQL server:

  • The SQL server instance name is IMAGICLE
  • The database name is IAS
  • The username to access the db is sa
  • The password for the sa user is SvBillyBlues$ (case sensitive)

Enter the ip address, instance name and credentials to access the SQL server database engine.

Accessing the database through Windows Authentication is not supported.

You may test the connection by pressing the "Connection test" button.

When you press "Next", the IAS database will be added or updated.

Deploying to an external database

You may want to connect to a different SQL server instance, which can be installed on the same server or onto an external server.

In this case, provide the server  domain name (FQDN) or IP Address, instance name and credentials. The selected user must have administrative privileges, and must be allowed to create and modify a new database.
Windows authentication is not supported. See also the FAQ section of this guide.

When you press "Next", the IAS database will be added or updated.

Please, notice that the external SQL instances can run an AlwaysOn Failover Cluster Instances or AlwaysOn Availability Groups SQL configuration for high availability scopes, both are supported, for AlwaysOn configuration the only limitation is that you will need to contact Imagicle for obtaining the procedure needed for restoring an Imagicle backup.

Server Restart

Restart may be required when installing StoneFax. After restart you will have to wait while virtual hardware (modem) is created. This step might take some minutes to complete. After that, if required by the setup program, reboot a second time.

Setup Imagicle Billing (Billy Blue's)

You'll be asked if you want to configure Billing call acquisition at the end of setup. You can safely skip this operation if you do not plan to evaluate or use that application. Blue's configuration wizard can be run later, if needed, from the start menu.


When the IAS is installed for the first time on a server machine, all the applications are available for evaluation. The applications will expire after 30 days if they are not registered.

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Last updated: 01 Apr, 2019
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