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Last updated: 27 Sep, 2020
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Q: Can an agent serve multiple queues?

A: Yes, this is one of the supported and commonly used configurations.

Q: Can two different agents have the same extension number? 

A: NO, QME cannot distinguish them and it cannot place indipendent consultation calls to each of them. On CUCM platforms, if the 2 agents directory numbers stay in 2 different partitions, only one of them will be reachable by QME (depending on the CSS assigned to the Imagicle QME SIP trunk).

Q: Can QME transfer calls to an offnet (PSTN) number?

A: Yes. This permits, for instance, to answer an incoming call for the queue from a mobile phone. 
You must ensure the Imagicle QME SIP trunk is enabled for such kind of calls.  On CUCM platforms this requires to assign a proper CSS to the "Inbound Calls" and "Reroute CSS" sections of the Imagicle QME SIP trunk.

Q: Can I configure the system to prioritize VIP callers in the waiting queues?

A: Yes, it is possible to define a list of calling numbers that enter the waiting queues skipping the queue (they're put ahead of the other regular waiting calls). This requires a Speedy Enteprise license and an advanced configuration, please contact the Imagicle support  service to do it.

Particular scenarios and events

Q: What happens if an incoming call hits the QME and there are no queues associated to the called number?

A: If the called number is not associated to any ACD queue or AutoAttendant service, a voice prompt is given to the caller saying the called number (spelt by the voice prompt) is not associated to any valid service.

Q: What happens to an incoming call when there are no more available licensed channels?

A: The queue overflow treatment defined for the specific queue is applied to the incoming call. Therefore, queue by queue, you can decide if disconnecting the call (possibly with a voice prompt) or bouncing it to another phone number (for example a voicemail system).

Article ID: 784
Last updated: 27 Sep, 2020
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