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Get Outbound Fax Details

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Last updated: 30 Dec, 2016

Gets the details of an outbound fax identified by its id.

Resource URL

GET fw/Apps/StoneFax/WebAPI/Faxes/Outbound/{id}

Resource Information

  • Response Content-Type: application/json
  • Requires authentication: Yes

URL Parameters

Name Type Required Description Default Example
id string required The id of the fax null IAS-N1_d53957a4-c6fa-4a89-9198-f32da47e6a58_0


200 OK

Fax info have been returned.

Response body

Response body is a JSON object representing outbound fax data:

Name Type Description
fax Fax The outbound fax data
Name Type Description
faxId string The fax id
username string The username of the user the fax belongs to
subject string The fax subject
recipient Recipient[] The fax recipients
status Status

The status of the fax. Possible values are:

  • Completed
  • Failed
  • Queued
  • InProgress
  • Canceled
detailedStatus string A more detailed version of the fax status
numberOfPages int The number of fax pages
serverName string The name of the server that sent the fax
submitTime DateTime The time when the fax has been submitted to the system (ISO 8601)
startTime DateTime The time when the fax sending was started (ISO 8601)
endTime DateTime The time when the fax sending was concluded (ISO 8601)
failureReason string The possible failure reason
Q931Code int The Q931 Code representing the possible failure reason
size int Size in bytes of the fax
Name Type Description
name string The complete name (first and last name) of the recipient
faxNumber string The recipient's fax number

Error response

401 Unauthorized

  • No authentication provided
  • Wrong credentials

403 Forbidden

  • Insufficient privilege level

404 NotFound

  • No such outbound fax having the given id


GET fw/Apps/StoneFax/WebAPI/Faxes/Outbound/IAS-N1_d53957a4-c6fa-4a89-9198-f32da47e6a58_0

                  "name":"Mario Rossi"
   "subject":"The fax subject",
Article ID: 413
Last updated: 30 Dec, 2016
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