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Global and System Settings

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Last updated: 29 Mar, 2016

Global Settings configuration

Global settings can be configured clicking on the "Global Settings" left-side menu item.

This page, that is organized like a regular queue settings page, allows to define the settings that are inherited by default by all the queues.

Changing a setting value in this page will impact on all queues that are inheriting such setting (that is, all the queue that do not define an override for that setting).

The holiday/special events defined in the Time Table tab of this page will be shared by all queues.

System setting

A special section is available in the Global Settings page: the System Settings section. It includes parameters that impact on the whole application and on all defined queues. Such parameters are:

  • Global Login/Logout number: this is a login/logout phone number that enable the agent to login/logout on all queues he is working for. This is useful if an agent is serving multiple queues, to switch his login/logout status on all queues simultaneously. Notice that this phone number must be reachable through a route in the PBX.
  • Enable caller number lookup: this flag instructs QME if enabling the lookup of caller numbers into the Speedy Enterprise directories. Notice that this feature requires that a regular Speedy Enterprise license is activated in the server.
Article ID: 91
Last updated: 29 Mar, 2016
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