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How to change Blue's Service Host credentials

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Last updated: 20 Dec, 2016

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Blue's Enterprise 4


This solutions explains how to setup different credentials for Blue's Service Host


This procedure explains how to change the user that runs Blue's Service Host.

The first step is to change credentials via Windows Service Manager:

1. make sure you have the credentials of a local administrator or create a new one from the server management (this procedure depends on your Windows version)

2. open Windows services (click start>run> type services.msc and click OK)

3. right click Blue's Service Host and choose properties

4. click log-on tab (second tab)

5. type the username and password for a local administrator

6. click OK

7. Stop and restart service, making sure no error is returned. In case a logon failure is displayed, verify the entered credentials.

The second step is to change credentials on Blue's Enterprise 4 web page:

1. open Blue's Enterprise 4 web page (ie from the desktop or from start>programs>imagicle Blue's Enterprise 4>Blue's Enterprise 4 web)

2. login using Blue's Enterprise 4 administrator credentials (default is blues/blues)

3. click on menu Tools > service management

4. click on Configure (under Blue's Service Host)

5. insert the same credential inserted in the Windows service manager and click save

6. Click stop and start (or restart) on Blue's Service Host service

Article ID: 347
Last updated: 20 Dec, 2016
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