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How to configure and troubleshoot Attendant Console Call Park feature

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Last updated: 18 Jan, 2023
Applies from Application Suite 201x (any version)
to version Application Suite 201x (any version)


  1. In the Attendant Console, the Call Parked tab is used to park calls using the CallManager Feature (CTI Call Park Monitoring)

  2. In order to configure this feature correctly, a Call Manager configuration is required

  3. Add devices in “Controlled Devices”
  4. Add Standard CTI Allow Call Park monitoring in Roles

  5. Configure the Cisco Call Park feature 

    Configure a range for the CallPark devices (set a partition according to your dial plan). Please do not configure more than 500 park ports, to avoid overloading CTI services.


Advanced Configuration

Change the number of seconds to wait before returning a parked party to the user who parked the call

In order to change it, follow this procedure:

1. Go to the Service Parameters of CUCM (System -> Service Parameters)
2. Find "Call Park Reversion Timer"
3. Change the default value (60 seconds) with the new value (30-1000 seconds is the range configurable)

4. Save the new configuration


  1. Try to park a call from your phisical phone/Jabber and check the park number 
  2. Connect to the Imagicle server using RDP
  3. Open this folder \StonevoiceAS\TroubleShooting
  4. Double-click on “Phone.exe”
  5. Look for “CTIParkDevice” in the Device list and search the park number

f you see the CtiParkDevice with the park number, click on “Start Session” and try again to park a call from a phisical phone/Jabber.

If you see information about your parked call, you’ll be able to park calls from the Attendant Console

If the CtiParkDevices are not listed or you don’t see information about the parked call, follow this procedure:

  1. Open Phone and modem

  2. Click “Advanced” tab
  3. Remove CiscoTSPXXX.tsp
  4. Once removed, click “Add…” and select it again.
  5. Again, look for CTIParkDevice in the Phone.exe tool

    If the problem persist:

  6. Restart “Telephony” service from Windows Service Panel
  7. Look again for CTIParkDevice in the Phone.exe tool

    If the problem persists:

  8. Go to Cisco Unified Serviceability

  9. Click on Tools → Control Center - Feature Services

  10. Restart Cisco CTIManager
  11. Look for CTIParkDevice in the Phone.exe tool

    If the problem persist:

    Contact Imagicle Support

Article ID: 761
Last updated: 18 Jan, 2023
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