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How to enable Maid ID acquisition in Maid Service IVR

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Last updated: 12 Dec, 2018

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Imagicle Hotel Pack for Cisco UC, Summer 2018 release and above.


This procedure allows to enable DTMF acquisition of Maid ID, while calling Maid service IVR number. Maid ID is acquired right before entering room status code. This procedure applies for FIAS and MITEL-based PMS.


  1. Start RDP session to Imagicle Application Suite's IP address and logon as Administrator.
  2. Edit this file:
  3. Add or uncomment the lines marked below in Blue:

<!-- Existing lines -->

<form id="Welcome">
         <audio expr="session.AudioPrefix + 'MaidWelcome.wav'" />
    <var name="dialog.InputAttempt" expr="''" />

<!-- End existing lines -->
If the PMS configured for a property supports "Maid ID" functionality and you want to use it, please clone this built-in Maid Status IVR into a custom Maid Status IVR for that property
<form id="MaidId">
     <var name="dialog.InputAttempt" expr="InputAttempt + '1'" />
     <property name="timeout" value="10s" />
     <field name="maidId">
        <grammar mode="dtmf" type="X-OPAL/digits">minDigits=3;maxDigits=5;terminators=#</grammar>
             <audio expr="session.AudioPrefix + 'MaidIdPrompt.wav'" />
        <var name="dialog.InputAttempt" expr="''" />
        <goto next="#GoToMenu" />
         <goto next="#MaidIdError" />
         <goto next="#MaidIdError" />
<form id="MaidIdError">
         <audio expr="session.AudioPrefix + 'MaidIdInvalid.wav'" />
     <if cond="InputAttempt=='111'">
         <disconnect />
     <goto next="#MaidId" />

  1. Save file with same name, in this folder: 
    Replacing <PropertyName> with the name of the property as per configured reported on :
  2. Reboot the server

Article ID: 617
Last updated: 12 Dec, 2018
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