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How to modify mail notification templates for admin and users in Digital Fax application

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Last updated: 29 Jul, 2021
Applies from Application Suite 2017.1.1

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How to modify mail notification templates for admin and users in Digital Fax applications


Modify default template globally:

1. Open the language (en-English, it-Italian, fr-French, ecc..) folder in 
<StonevoiceAS>\Apps\StoneFax\Locale\ accordingly to the template language you need to modify

2. Make a copy of the template files:

  • User.FaxIn.Template.txt (Email template for incoming fax status)
  • User.FaxOut.Template.txt (Email template for outgoing fax status)
  • Admin.FaxOut.Template.txt (Email template for outgoing fax issues)
  • Admin.Mail.Template.txt (Email template for general fax issues)

3. Rename the copy with .user extension like the following 

  • User.FaxIn.Template.txt.user 
  • User.FaxOut.Template.txt.user 
  • Admin.FaxOut.Template.txt.user 
  • Admin.Mail.Template.txt.user 

Add images from an external source:

In the same txt file add html tag

<img id="logoID" src="https://[ImageUrl]"/>


[Section: PartiallyReceived_Subject]
Fax partially received from (([FromNr]))
[Section: PartiallyReceived_Body]
<img id="logoID" src="https://[ImageUrl]"/>
Stonefax received a fax for you on [Received]. 
The fax has been received partially because of an unexpected error during the fax transmission.

Number of received pages: [Pages]
Attachment file size:  [Size]


If you need to modify one of these templates for only a specific user please proceed as follow:

1. Create a new folder and rename it (es. mailtemplate1) in <StonevoiceAS>\Settings\Enterprise\Stonefax\MailNotificationTemplates

2. Open the language folder (en-English, it-Italian, fr-French, ecc..) in <StonevoiceAS>\Apps\StoneFax\Locale

3. Copy the user-specific template files User.FaxIn.Template.txt and User.FaxOut.Template.txt

4. Paste in the new folder (mailtemplate1) these templates

5. Edit both files with your customizations 

6. Open Web interface | Admin | User Management and modify the user you customized the template for setting Notifications preferred template = the folder name as specified above (mailtemplate1) and save.

Article ID: 566
Last updated: 29 Jul, 2021
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