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How to Regenerate Imagicle Call Recording Certificate

Article ID: 517
Last updated: 24 Aug, 2023
Applies from Application Suite 2017.6.2
to version Application Suite 201x (any version)

Applies to:

Imagicle Application Suite 2017 Summer Edition and newer.


The Call Recording security certificate must be loaded on CuCM to be able to record encrypted calls. The certificate may become invalid, preventing the recording of encrypted calls, when:

  • It expires (5 years after deployment).
  • You change the Computer Name of the Imagicle Server.


The following procedure forces Imagicle Call Recording to create a new self-signed certificate for the machine it is installed on, including the current Computer Name.

The procedure requires you to restart Imagicle Call Recording service, and should be executed when no calls are being recorder.

  1. Log onto the IAS server as Administrator
  2. Locate the following folder: <install-dir>\Apps\ApplicationSuite\certificates
  3. Delete these files: imagicle-certificate.pem, imagicle-privatekey.pem
  4. Log into the IAS web interface as Administrator
  5. Go to "Call Recording", "Manage service" and restart Imagicle Call Recording service
  6. Click on "Global Settings", select "Secure Recording" and download the new certificate
  7. Load the new certificate on CuCM as described in the Administration Guide
  8. Update the Cisco SIP Trunk Security Profile with the new certificate CN (Common Name)

Article ID: 517
Last updated: 24 Aug, 2023
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