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Imagicle Application Suite limitations with Cisco MRA

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Last updated: 09 Jul, 2021


The following features leaks/limitations apply to Cisco devices (IP phones or Jabber clients) registered using MRA (Mobile & Remote Access) by Cisco, that is via Expressway.

  • Attendant Console:
    • Silent monitoring e whisper coaching are not supported by Cisco on MRA registered phones.
  • Call Recording:
    • The built-in bridge recording mode requires as minimum versions CUCM rel. 11.5.SU5 and ExpressWay rel. 8.11.4.
    • Conferences cannot be recorded (Cisco limitation).
    • Since Jabber mobile cannot be CTI-controlled (Cisco limitation), the following features are missing on mobile devices:
      • Recording announcements using the agent greeting feature
      • On-Demand recording from Imagicle applications.
  • Speedy:
    • The CallerID feature is not available using the TAPI mechanism. No limitations apply, instead, using the External Call Control (CURRI) mechanism.
  • Stonelock:
    • The lock icon is not available on phone displays.
    • The phone call history is not cleared on phone lock.
    • The lock textual indication is available since IAS rel. Winter 2020.

Article ID: 707
Last updated: 09 Jul, 2021
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