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Installation Troubleshooting

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Last updated: 30 Mar, 2020

Error Copying Files

Should a message similar to this one pop up:

to correctly install the Application Suite, try the following solutions in order:

  1. Close all the other running applications and click Retry.
  2. Use the Task Manager to terminate the running Imagicle processes (if any) and click Retry.
  3. If the filename is msvbvm60.dll, you may click Ignore. For other files, you should click Abort.

Error Stopping Services

The following message box may be displayed before the file copy step of the installation:

This error is common when a Imagicle service is partially uninstalled, either because the uninstall program was interrupted or because the system was not restarted after uninstallation. To correctly install the Application Suite, try the following solutions in order:

  1. Run iisreset
  2. Stop IIS from the IIS Manager (remember to restart it when the installation is completed)
  3. In Windows Service Manager, check that all the Imagicle services are stopped
  4. Reboot the machine and repeat the installation.
  5. Click Ignore. In this case, some files may still be in use. See also Error Copying Files.

Error Running the Backup Utility

The following message box may be displayed when you click the Run Backup Utility Now button of the Backup Data wizard page:

This error may appear if your home directory is on a network drive that is not accessible. If this message appears, launch the Backup and Restore utility from the Start Menu.

Database Creation Timeout

This message might appear on slow systems, if certain phases take too long to complete:

To recover wait for the User Syncronization to complete, press OK, then press Retry, then configure the database with the same credentials pressing Next twice.

Failure during billing data migration, while upgrading to 2020.Spring.1 release or newer

While upgrading IAS from 2020.Winter.1 or older to 2020.Spring.1 or newer, a billing data migration to a new SQL data warehouse is automatically triggered. If, during the migration, the routine encounters spurious records in “Chiamate” and “ChiamateInterne” DB tables, the process is stopped with the following message:

Please contact Imagicle Support for details about solving this issue.

Installation log files

The installation program creates a log file during setup. It can be useful to tell if all the files were correctly copied, ole dll registered, services installed...

The file location on Windows 2008 is:


where username is the account which started the setup program.

The log file names are like this "Setup Log <current date> #001.txt". E.g.:

Setup Log 2011-01-21 #001.txt

Setup Log 2011-01-21 #002.txt

Analysing log files is a complex task which may be delegated to Imagicle Techincal Support Team.

Problem with data execution prevention

If this message is displayed on the server, please check that Data execution prevention is disabled.

Article ID: 12
Last updated: 30 Mar, 2020
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