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License Activation

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Last updated: 09 Aug, 2021

Contact Manager Enterprise is licensed per user.

All the feature are active for all the people in the user management list, so you must buy a license which size is at least equal to their number.

Contact Manager provides access to the internal contacts ("colleagues list") for Imagicle Attendant Console. This feature is enabled even if Contact Manager is not licensed or evaluation is expired. You can manage internal contacts through the users' magement section of the web interface. The CuCm directory is also displayed.


Contact Manager will run for 30 days in evaluation mode. During evaluation, Contact Manager features (internal directory, corporate directories, syncronization, click to call, caller ID) will be available for a maximum of 250 users.

How to activate the license

The license can be activated by purchasing the product from Imagicle. You can enable the license in the license page as described in the Application Suite common configuration section of this guide.

To activate the license, follow the standard procedure you can find in the General configuration section.

Article ID: 120
Last updated: 09 Aug, 2021
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