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License Activation

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Last updated: 10 Mar, 2022

Note: the following acronyms will be used in this WEB page:
BOE = Desktop CTI
BAP = Attendant Console Professional
BAE = Attendant Console Enterprise

Attendant Console and Desktop CTI are licensed on concurrent sessions base, that is the license rules the number of users simultaneously logged on, following a typical CAL (Client Access License) licensing model.

Together with each Attendant Console license, you get two Imagicle Advanced Queuing channels, to provide two queue resources to each operator.

While accessing to Imagicle admin web portal: ADMIN ⇒ Licenses, you can see how many Attendant Consoles have been licensed, together with relevant Advanced Queuing channels. See below sample:

License Activation

  • A license code must be provided by Imagicle for each requested product.
  • A single license request can be used to obtain the four mentioned license items
  • Read this KB about how to activate the licenses

Article ID: 86
Last updated: 10 Mar, 2022
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