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License Activation

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Last updated: 15 Feb, 2023

Queue Manager Enterprise is licensed per channel, regardless the number of agents and queues.

The number of licensed channels controls the total number of calls that can be handled simultaneously by the QME engine on one server.

All features, including Camp-on and G.729 codec, are available without need of further licenses.

Number of parked calls

The total number of calls that can be parked on the Camp-on queues is twice the licenses channels. E.g. if you bought a 4 channels license, you'll be able to park 8 calls (a total of 12 calls managed by QME engine, 4 on the waiting queues and 8 in camp-on).

Calls parked by the PBX do not consume channels.


During the 30 days free evaluation period you'll be able to serve 2 concurrent calls. 

How to activate the license

To activate the license, follow the standard procedure you can find in the General configuration section.

When the license is activated for the first time (and its status changes form "Evaluation" or "Expired" to "Licensed"), you have to stop and restart the Queue Manager Enterprise service either from the web interface or from Windows Service Manager.

Article ID: 99
Last updated: 15 Feb, 2023
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