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Last updated: 22 May, 2018

You can edit these parameters through the Admin -> System parameters link in the App Suite menu, pressing the Numbering Plan Parameters button. These settings apply to the applications that make and receive calls such as Attendant Console and Speedy. To be able to modify a parameter, you have to deselect "Use default settings".


General settings affect both incoming and outgoing calls.

  • Internal Phone Number Patterns: These patterns identify the internal PBX extensions and, in general, all numbers that do not require the PSTN access code to be dialled. The usual range is 1 - 5. The list of patterns is checked top-down. To know how to build the pattern, please refer to the online help in the web page.
  • PBX supports E.164 dialling: flag this checkbox if you use the + to dial external numbers (e.g. +123456789)
  • Local Country Code: This prefix will be stripped from the caller number before looking for it in Speedy directories (e.g. +44). Incoming prefix will be stripped first, then the Local country code. You can specify only one prefix.
  • International Dialling Prefix: This is the prefix needed to reach international numbers when the + sign is not used. E.g. 00 in European countries, +1 in US.

Incoming calls

  • Prefix for incoming calls: This prefix will be stripped from the caller number before looking for it in Speedy directories. Example: if your outgoing prefix is 0, it is likely that the PBX adds 0 to the caller number to allow redialling. In this case enter 0 as incoming prefix.

Outgoing calls

  • Prefix for outgoing calls: This prefix will be automatically added to outgoing calls, e.g. to calls placed by Speedy towards external numbers. This prefix won't be added to internal calls nor to calls towards the users' primary extension configured in the users list
  • Suffix for outgoing calls: On some telephony systems, a suffix can be used to quicken the destination selection (for instance #)
  • TAPI events include the prefix: set this flag to on if the called number which the pbx signals through TAPI calls includes the prefix for outgoing calls, so that it will be stripped. This should happen only if the outgoing prefix is removed by a voice gateway instead of the PBX. This setting affects the lookup in Speedy directories for the called numbers of outgoing calls.
Article ID: 606
Last updated: 22 May, 2018
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