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Last updated: 31 Jan, 2018

The Wakeup Service and Maid Status IVR require an additional and dedicated SIP trunk.

Sip Profile

Sip Trunk Security Profile

Create a dedicated Sip Security Profile with the following properties:

  • Outgoing Transport Type: UDP
  • Incoming Port: 5060

Conflicting StoneFax configuration

If StoneFax was configured on the system, you cannot create a new Sip Security Profile listening on port 5060. In this case, create a Sip Security Profile for Hotel Link which listens on port 5066.

Sip Trunk

  • Under Inbound Calls, the selected CSS must allow the Imagicle Application Suite server to reach the room phones.
  • Under SIP Information
    • Select the SIP Trunk Security profile and SIP Profile you just created
    • The Destination Port must be set to 5066
    • DTMF mode must include rfc2833

Maid Status IVR Route pattern

Create a route pattern which can route a specific reserved number routes the calls from the rooms towards the Imagicle Maid Status IVR, hosted by the Wakeup service.

Creating a route pattern ending by X allows the cleaning personnel to select the IVR language, by entering a different digit at the end. For example, if the route pattern is 730X:

  • 7301 will call the English speaking IVR
  • 7302 will call the Italian speaking IVR
  • 7303 will call the French speaking IVR
  • 7304 will call the  Spanish speaking IVR
  • 7305 will call the German speaking IVR

Protecting the Maid Status IVR from unauthorized access

Even if the Maid Status Service route pattern should be known only to the cleaning personnel, the number could be also dialed by the guests. To prevent unauthorized persons to change the cleaning room status, you can request a FAC (Force access code) to access the route pattern.

1. In CuCm Administration, Call Routing, Force Authorization Codes, define one or more FACs. E.g. 0000

2. Activate the FAC for the route pattern pointing to the Maid Status Service Sip Trunk

The cleaning personnel will have to enter the code, followed by pound (#) to be able to change the rooms cleaning status.

Article ID: 162
Last updated: 31 Jan, 2018
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