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Last updated: 24 Aug, 2017

StoneFax interacts with the IP PBX through SIP or H.323 protocols using either T.38 or G.711 passthrough modes.

The SIP configuration is suggested. Remember to enable the new StoneFax engine and enable SIP in the StoneFax – Manage Service – IP Routes page on the Application Suite.

Note: the cross platform version of StoneFax llistens for incoming faxes on the standard H.323 port 1720 and standard SIP port 5060

General concepts

  • The PBX sees the StoneFax server as a SIP trunk or H.323 gateway
  • The signaling transport must be SIP over UDP or H.323 over TCP for both directions (PBX to StoneFax and StoneFax to PBX)
  • The audio encoding of the rtp stream must be T.38 or g.711alaw
  • On the PBX you must configure routing rules to make incoming faxes reach StoneFax and outgoing faxes to exit on the PSTN
Article ID: 76
Last updated: 24 Aug, 2017
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