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Last updated: 03 Jun, 2022

Imagicle print2fax allows Digital Fax PC users to send faxes from any application, by selecting standard "Print" option in the application and choosing "Imagicle print2fax" virtual printer.

Users leveraging this feature must be enabled for fax sending in Imagicle UC Suite users' DB. See here for more info.


  • Imagicle print2fax driver requires a 32bit or 64bit Windows PC workstation, with Windows 7 or above operating system
  • PC workstation should reach Imagicle UC Suite server over the IP network.

Print to Fax Driver Installation

Depending on your Windows OS, please download the relevant installation package:

Both packages are provided as MSI application, which can be used for a single PC installation or for a massive deployment in all Corporate PC workstations.

  • Please run the package (Windows installation wizard) and accept license agreement.
  • You can choose a specific installation directory or just leave the default location.
  • When prompted, please enter Imagicle UC Suite IP address or FQDN.
  • Then proceed with wizard until the end.

If the installation has been properly accomplished, you can find a new printer called "Imagicle print2fax" into Devices and Printers control panel. See below sample:

Driver first-time configuration

From your PC's Windows Start menu, please select "Imagicle print2fax GUI". The following window pops-up:

Please click on "Configure" and add the following data:

  • Imagicle server address:  Imagicle IP address or FQDN
  • Use secure connection: if flagged, the connection to UC Suite happens through https session on port 443
  • Skip server certificate checks: If checked, https connection is established even if the digital certificate is not valid
  • Username: User's ID (typically, same as Active Directory username)
  • Password: User's password (typically, same as Active Directory password)
  • Notification email: an email address where user can receive a notification about outbound fax transaction
  • Notify status: if checked, user gets email notification about ongoing fax transmissions

See below sample:

Hit OK to save the configuration.

From now on, user who needs to send a fax from an application can just select "Print" option and choose "Imagicle print2fax" virtual printer. Printed pages are sent to specific fax recipient(s) added in Imagicle print2fax dialog. You can consult Digital Fax User's Guide for more details.

Article ID: 81
Last updated: 03 Jun, 2022
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