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Last updated: 14 Feb, 2018

StoneFax provides the Print To Fax feature to any user who is in the same Windows Domain of the StoneFax server.

Note: StoneFax and the client PC using this feature must be in the same Windows Domain

Using the Print To Fax is no different than from printing to a network printer: simply print from the application to the Print To Fax printer driver named "Stonefax".

Print to Fax setup for the Server

To enable Print to Fax, you have to configure some roles and settings on the Imagicle Application Suite server. Failing to do so will prevent Stonefax to assign the fax to the right user, and to display the sent faxes in the web interface. You must:

  • Assign special permission to the LOCAL_SYSTEM account.
  • Enable a setting in a configuration file
  • Restart the StoneFax service from the web interface
  • Share the Fax printer in the domain. Windows Firewall service must be running

1. Assign special permissions to the LOCAL_SYSTEM account

Log onto the IAS server as Administrator.

Open the Windows Fax Service Manager with administrator rights.

Select “Fax (Local)”, then right click and select "Properties", then select the Security tab.

Add the Local SYSTEM account to authorized users.

Select it and press the "Advanced" button.

Press "Edit", then click the "Show advanced permissions" link.

Assign full fax permission to the SYSTEM account, then confirm.

2. Enable Print to Fax status polling

Edit this configuration file with Notepad:

<Install dir>\Apps\Stonefax\Server\System\Stonefax.ini

Add the following parameter in the [Settings] section:


3. Restart StoneFax Service

Log onto the IAS web interface as administrator.

On the menu, select Fax Service, Manage Service.

Press the Stop button, then Start.

4. Share the Fax Printer in the domain

Share the "StoneFax" printer as you would with any network printer.

Ensure Windows Firewall Service is running. Printer sharing does not work if Windows Firewall is stopped or disabled. Please check this Microsoft article. Even if the service is running, the firewall can be disabled at the application level.

Note: when enabled at the application level, Windows Firewall could interfere with Imagicle Application Suite. Please make sure all incoming and outgoing TCP and UDP communication is allowed. For more information, check the Network Setup page in the deployment section of this guide.

5. Make sure the fax users list include Active Directory Username and Domain

When a new fax job is submitted to StoneFax, it receives the sender login username and domain. That is, the user who was logged onto the Windows client and who sent the fax through Print To Fax.

StoneFax need to match those credentials with the users list. So, make sure you fill the Active Directory Username and Domain fields in Application Suite User Management for all the fax-enabled users.

Print to Fax setup for the Client

If you wish to enable the Print To FAX feature on a client machine, you must install the shared fax printer driver on that machine. This is exactly the same procedure as for any other Windows network printer driver. This procedure usually takes 15 minutes.

Installing a Fax printer on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and later: automatic procedure

Click Start > All Programs > Windows Fax and Scan, or press the Windows button and search for "Windows Fax and Scan".

In Windows Fax and Scan menu, select Tools > Fax Accounts.

In the Fax Accounts dialog box, Click Add.

Select Network Printer

2. Specify the StoneFax Server Name or IP Address:

Select Network Printer

3. Set the name for the local StoneFax printer to StoneFax::

Select Network Printer

Installing a Fax printer on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and later: manual procedure

On the client machine, from the start menu, go to Settings > Printers > Add Printer. Select Network printer.

Select Network Printer

Click on "the printer that I want isn't listed".

The printer wasn't listed

Select the printer by specifying the StoneFax server IP address as computer name and then StoneFax as printer name (if StoneFax is not found, type Fax as printer name). Click on Next to complete.

Enter the StoneFax serverIP address

Activate the fax account

Click Start, All Programs, and then click or search for Windows Fax and Scan. In Windows Fax and Scan, click Tools, and then click Fax Accounts. In the Fax Accounts dialog box, Click Add, and then follow the wizard steps to create a new fax account.

Note: If you do not have Windows Fax and Scan installed, add this Windows feature through the control panel.

Add Fax Accounts

Click next again to enter the server name.

Enter Fax server name

You can now send a fax by printing from any document and selecting the fax printer you just added.

Your fax will be automatically submitted to StoneFax and sent to the recipient fax number that you provided.

Users can specify an email address for feedbacks (email receipt).

How to send a fax on behalf of another user

If you need to send a fax on behalf of another user, or group fax user, enter his/her IAS username in the Billing Code field on Windows Fax and Scan on the PC from which you send the fax. You need to do this procedure only once.

  1. Log onto the PC and run Windows Fax and Scan
  2. On the application menu, select Tools, then Sender Information
  3. In Billing Code enter the IAS username
  4. Optionally, you may want to fill in other information, which will be displayed on the cover page

Article ID: 81
Last updated: 14 Feb, 2018
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