Admin ⇒ Licenses web portal menu shows the list of the available applications and if they are licensed, in evaluation mode, permanent mode or if the licenses are expired.

Evaluation period

After the first installation/deployment, each application runs for 30 days in evaluation mode.

Evaluation may be extended upon request to Imagicle Sales department.

License Activation

Starting from Imagicle 2019.Summer.1 release, we have added a brand new cloud-based activation method, using an "Activation Token" generated by Imagicle Cloud portal. The existing "offline" activation method", based on "Request String" + "Response Strings" is still available for backward compatibility.

In the following paragraphs, we are describing both methods, starting from most recent one.

Cloud Licensing (available from Imagicle 2019.Summer.1 release)

Cloud-based activation method requires IAS server to reach a specific Internet URL:

If Internet access is controlled by a Proxy Server, then please make sure that it allows a transparent connection to above web URL (i.e. tunnel), not using "Decrypt and Scan" mode. Proxy configuration instructions are available here.
Test Cloud Connection:
Open a browser in Application Suite Server and go to
this message confirms the correct connection to our Cloud.

    "message":"successfully connected!"

From Imagicle web portal Admin ⇒ Licenses, it's possible to view current licenses status. See below sample:

For every license, the following information are included:

¹ License Type

Supported IAS license types are:

² License Status

Each license is associated to own status:

Perpetual licenses never expires.

Licenses web page shows offline/online activation mode. If that's a brand new IAS, this information is not shown. Moreover, for each node, the following data is shown:

If you are updating a IAS with a release older than 2019.Summer.1, some of above information are not available and subsequently not displayed. See below:


First time activation

From "Licenses" web page, please click on Activate Now button to initiate the license activation procedure. You are immediately prompted to select desired activation mode:

Online Activation

It requires an "Activation Token", generated from Imagicle Cloud licensing portal. Please make sure you have received a "Smart Account" from Imagicle, otherwise you can request it from above Imagicle Cloud portal.

Once you have the token, pls. enter it in the relevant field "Activation Token". Hit Save to enable licenses or Cancel to go back to initial license screen.

If activation is successfull, you are redirected to initial license page, which now shows:

Offline Activation

First you need to retrieve the Request String from Imagicle Licenses web page.

Then you can generate the "Response String" from Imagicle licensing portal, by entering License Code (provided by Imagicle) and above Request String.

Once you have the string, pls. enter it in the relevant field "Response String". Hit Save to enable licenses or Cancel to go back to initial license screen.

If activation is successfull, you are redirected to initial license page, which now shows:


License renewal upon crash or migration

If your server crashes or your configuration is corrupted, you can resume full operativity by restoring all data and configurations, previously saved with a backup. See here the procedure for data backup/restore.

If you do not have a backup, or if you want to migrate IAS to a new OS or a new hardware, please reinstall Imagicle Application Suite as described in the Installation section. A new Activation Token/Response String will be generated, so you'll need to run through the activate procedure to enable licenses in new server.

Offline-only Licensing (available up to Imagicle 2019.Spring.1 release)

Prior to Imagicle 2019.Summer.1 release, Admin ⇒ License web portal menu includes almost same information available through latest "Offline Activation" method:

"Response String" field is available, too. Instead of having a single, long Response String, here you have to enter a Response String for each license/application you need to activate, like below screenshot sample:

Hit Save to enable licenses.

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