Backup Failed Bcp command exited with an error: Executable name bcp.exe

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Imagicle Application Suite all version


Imagicle Backup/Restore procedure failed with these errors:

Bcp command exited with an error: Executable name {bcp.exe}, Arguments {{BluesPro..ACL}, {out "C:\Users\ImagicleAdmin\Desktop\Backup 19-10-17\Backup_Imagicle\ApplicationSuite\SvSasData.bcp.tmp\ACL.bcp"}, {-S (local)\IMAGICLE}, {-U sa}, {-P SvBillyBlues$}, {-q}, {-m 0}, {-N}, {-V 90}}, Exit code {1}, Standard output {Unable to load BCP resource DLL. BCP cannot continue. 
}, Standard error {} 

or in StonevoiceAS\Var\Log\BackupRestore\Applicationsuite.log you can find this exception:

ERROR {  1} [ApplicationSuite] [SvDataComUtils] An error occurred: Function {ExportDatabase}, {
Exception Type {System.IO.IOException}
Message {Bcp command exited with an error: Executable name {C:\Program Files (x86)\StonevoiceAS\Lib\SQLCmdUtils\bcp.exe}, Arguments {{"AggiuntaRubrica"}, {out "C:\Backup\Imagicle Backup 2020\ApplicationSuite\SvSasData.bcp.tmp\AggiuntaRubrica.bcp"}, {-d "BluesPro"}, {-S (local)\IMAGICLE}, {-U sa -P {SvBillyBlues$}}, {-q}, {-m 0}, {-N}, {-V 100}}, Exit code {-1073741515}, Standard output {}, Standard error {}}
StackTrace {
   at ApplicationSuite.Data.Database.DatabaseBackupRestore.RunBcp(ProcessRunConfiguration configuration)
   at ApplicationSuite.Data.Database.DatabaseBackupRestore.BackupTable(String tableName, FileSystemInfo dir)
   at ApplicationSuite.Data.Database.DatabaseBackupRestore.BackupData(FileSystemInfo tmpDir, Boolean includeHistory, Boolean includeSyncFrameworkTables)
   at ApplicationSuite.Data.Database.DatabaseBackupRestore.Backup(FileInfo backupFile, Boolean includeHistory)
   at ApplicationSuite.Data.Database.IasDatabase.Backup(FileInfo backupFile, Boolean includeHistory)
   at ApplicationSuite.Data.ComUtils.SvDataComUtils.<>c__DisplayClass9_0.<ExportDatabase>b__0(IIasDatabase database)
   at ApplicationSuite.Data.ComUtils.SvDataComUtils.Execute(String methodName, Action`1 action)}


Different SQL Server version installed

For example if you install SQL server 2008 and SQL server 2008R2 (Imagicle application suite version) you will see in \Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Tools\Binn\Resources\ two different folders: \1033 and \1040 both containing "bcp.rll"; this causes the issue


You can fix with two different solutions


Sql Native Client corrupted

To troubleshoot it follow this guide:

  1. Run "Cmd" as Administrator
  2. Paste this command
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\StonevoiceAS\Lib\SQLCmdUtils\bcp.exe" "AggiuntaRubrica" out "C:\Backup\Imagicle Backup 2020\ApplicationSuite\SvSasData.bcp.tmp\AggiuntaRubrica.bcp" -d "BluesPro" -S (local)\IMAGICLE -U sa -P SvBillyBlues$ -q -m 0 -N -V 100
  3. if appear an error message related to msodbodbcsql11.dll , the native client is corrupted.


  1. Download SQL Client Native and install it again (download here)

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