Configuration Task List

Warning: you must install and configure the Application Suite before being able to configure the single applications.
Please go through the AppSuite Deployment, Main Configuration, and User Management sections before reading on.

Preliminary check list

Since Budget Control relies on Imagicle Billing to calculate the costs of the calls and to the Application Suite environment to monitor the phones and send emails, before adding budgets please check the following:

The following applies only if you want Budget Control to lock the IP phones (Cisco UCM platforms only). Budget Control relies on StoneLock to lock the users' phone lines.

Warning: Budget Control is only compatible with the latest version of StoneLock, available since Application Suite 2012.12.1. If your StoneLock is operating in backward compatible mode (which is the default if you upgraded from a previous version), please switch it to the new mode from StoneLock Manage Service web page.

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Last updated: 06 Feb, 2020
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