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Last updated: 28 Jan, 2019

Starting Services

The latest step to complete the configuration is starting the billing services by accessing the Manager Service link through the Billing menu.

A set of icons will appear, representing Imagicle Billing administrative tasks. Click on the Service Manager icon.

Here you can manage the different components of Imagicle Billing. The icon on each service shows the status:

  • green is running
  • red is stopped
  • yellow is running in debug/manual mode

For Imagicle Billing to correctly import and report calls, all the services must be running in green status. Start each component one by one, paying attention to alerts and messages. If one of the components shows a yellow icon, stop and start it again.

Warning: The services will be running with the administrative account you choosed during the IAS package setup. If you experience problems in starting them through the web interface you can try changing the account through the “Change Service Account ” button.

Data Retention

It is possible to specify maximum lifetime (in days) of historical data. That is, older data will be periodically deleted. Set it to zero (0) to disable automatic deletion. Please, notice that this setting may impact on the database size. 

Managing reports

The reports list and properties can be managed through the Administrative pages, clicking on the Manage Reports icon.

How to Upload a Logo

Imagicle Billing adds a logo on the top right corner of each report. It is possible to customize the logo by browsing a bmp, jpg, gif, png, ico image to upload. It is also possible to restore the original logo through the “Restore Default” button.

The Report Manager

The Manage Reports section allows the administrators to change the level of permission required to use a report. For a description of the permission levels available to Imagicle Billing users, please refer to the User's list configuration in the General Appilcation Suite Configuration section of this guide. Users who do not have the selected level of permission won't be able to see the report.

Managing User Reports

The Manage Reports section allows administrators to apply changes on Personal Reports. By clicking on the “Edit” button you can modify:

  • Report Name: the displayed name of the report
  • Group: the category of the report used to group on the Interactive Reports page.
  • Minimun Role: who can access the report
  • Question: Report description
  • Order: Report position on the list
Article ID: 50
Last updated: 28 Jan, 2019
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