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Last updated: 22 Nov, 2019

IAS Administrators can access the Blue's Attendant / CTI Server configuration page, that shows some parameters affecting the behaviour of console clients.

Basic Settings tab

  • : this is the call history data retention, for all Blue's Attendant/Blue's One users
  • SkyStone route prefix: this is an optional telephony prefix used to route PSTN calls through Imagicle Skystone (using the SkypeOut service). This will allow the Blue's CTI Client to call a number through Skystone.
  • Min Lookup Number Length: this is the minimum caller number length that triggers a lookup in Speedy Enterprise directories. This avoids Directory Lookup when the caller number is an internal extension.
  • Search Max Results: the maximum number of result items returned by a client search into Speedy Enterprise directories. The maximum admitted value (for performance reasons) is 500
  • Client updates URL: location from where Blue's Attendant client update packages will be downloaded. By default this points to Imagicle public web site. If the agents' PCs cannot reach Internet, you can copy the client on a local server and change setting accordingly. E.g. you can place update package in a network share and enter "\\\Updates" in this field
  • Operators can see calls parked by other operators: By checking this flag, every operator can see call parked by any operator. If unchecked, each operator can see own parked calls only.
  • Display remote party information on dashboard panel: If checked, advanced supervisors and queue manager can display agents' active calls remote party numbers and other data on Blue's Attendant Dashboard.

Please note that every parameter can be reverted to its factory value (default settings).

Panic Button Settings (available from 2020.Winter.1 release and above)

  • Enable: This flag enables a red "Panic" button on Imagicle Blue's Attendant client interface, placed on top-right corner.
  • Number to call: When panic button is pressed, an automatic phone call is performed to the number configured in this field. Call can be routed to SingleWire's "InformaCast" application or to any other internal/external emergency number.

Please make sure that every Blue's Attendant-equipped agent can reach above emergency number.

Article ID: 85
Last updated: 22 Nov, 2019
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