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Last updated: 28 Apr, 2022

This article is applicable to Imagicle UC Suite 2019.Summer.1 or later and it allows to apply a Proxy configuration to reach Internet addresses, specifically for the following features:

  • Imagicle Online License Activation, where you need to reach Imagicle Cloud services at https://*
  • Imagicle Cloud Services Authentication
  • Cloud-based email services, like Office365 or Google mail
  • Imagicle Webex connector for users' synchronization
  • Microsoft Teams phone control and presence Cloud services (2021.Summer.1 and above)

You can edit these parameters through the Admin ⇒ System parameters link in the App Suite menu, hitting "Proxy settings" button.


You can either enable a HTTP/HTTPS-based proxy server and/or a SOCKS v4/v5 proxy server. In both cases, these are the field to be compiled:

  • Address: this is the proxy URL or IP address. This parameter is mandatory
  • Port: This is the TCP port used by proxy. If above address is entered, port is mandatory
  • Username: the username for proxy authentication (if needed). Currently, username can't include "@" character.
  • Password: the password for proxy authentication. If above username is entered, password is mandatory. Currently, password can't include "@" character.

Configuring a proxy directly on the UC Suite server network settings is discouraged. If needed for specific requirements (e.g. allow SO Updates), below options are available:

  • enable it temporarily and then disable it when it is not longer necessary
  • enable it and allow all direct communications between UC Suite and all other Imagicle cluster nodes (in case of HA installation), the PBX and all other 3rd party elements (e.g. AD/LDAP sources)

In case of HA installation, proxy configuration is not replicated among Imagicle cluster nodes.

Warning: The UC Suite should obtain SSL certificate and not the proxy certificate, otherwise security check fails. The proxy works in transparent way, so it should not perform https "decrypt & scan".

Warning: Every time you apply a new proxy configuration, please reboot Imagicle UC Suite server to enable it.

Article ID: 695
Last updated: 28 Apr, 2022
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