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QME lookup not working correctly and VIP calls not managed as they should because of Speedy used with different departments

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Last updated: 01 Dec, 2017

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All Application Suite with QME and Speedy used with different departments configured.


When the call arrives to QME, during contacts lookup (Speedy), QME does not show the contact NAME in Attendant Console or phone display.

Because of this we have two possible issues:

  • Error in lookup (number without name)
  • Issue with "VIP Calls"


The cause of these problems is that the user QME uses to search contacts in Speedy is anonymous and, when anonymous try to search contacts in Speedy, it can't see department contacts.


In order to solve this issue we can let QME "impersonate" a different user (existing in user management page) that has permissions to see department contacts.
To achieve this:

1) Edit "QME.Engine.config.xml" in <StonevoiceAS>\Apps\QME\Settings\
2) Add this preference key:
<preference key="speedy.callerlookup.identity.asuser" value="<user>" /> 
Where <user> is an existing Application Suite user, for example:

<configuration version="">
     <preference key="speedy.callerlookup.identity.asuser" value="test" />

3) Save the file and restart QME service form the web interface.

Article ID: 501
Last updated: 01 Dec, 2017
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