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Save scheduled reports in a shared Windows folder

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Last updated: 24 Jul, 2020


Starting from 2020.Summer.1 Imagicle AppSuite release, it is possible to store scheduled reports results into a shared Windows folder, located within Imagicle server.

This feature applies to all schedulable reports included into the following Imagicle apps:

  • Billy Blue's
  • Blue's Enterprise 4
  • Blue's Enterprise Skype for Business
  • StoneFax
  • Advanced Queuing (Queue Manager Enterprise)
  • Auto Attendant Module
  • Call Recording

How to enable the feature

This feature is by default disabled. To enable it, please follow below procedure:

  • Access to Imagicle Server through a Remote Desktop session
  • Edit the following file: C:\Program Files (x86)\StonevoiceAS\Apps\ApplicationSuite\Settings\ApplicationSuite.ini
  • Add the following key under [Settings] statement:
  • ScheduledReportArchiveBasePath=<base_path>
  • <base_path> includes the root folder path where reports should be saved
  • Save file

Actual Storage Paths

Once this feature is enabled, scheduled reports will be actually saved in subfolders, based on Imagicle app and usernames.

For all scheduled reports involving a single recipient email address, the path is:


where <APP_NAME> is the Imagicle app from which report has been scheduled; <SCHEDULED_ID> is the scheduled report identifier.

For all scheduled reports involving multiple recipient users, the path is:


where <USER_NAME> is the IAS username of each recipient user.

Stored Files

Please find below the list of saved files:

  • lastResult.pdf (or xls) → Last exported report, executed as per <SCHEDULED_ID> date/time interval
  • descriptor.dat  → Metadata information associated to lastResult report, including the following data: 
    • Filters → Filter(s) applied to scheduled report
    • Id → <SCHEDULED_ID>
    • MailSubject → email subject configured in scheduled report
    • Recipient → email recipient(s)
    • ReportTitle → Report title
  • <yyyyMMddTHHmmss>.pdf  → Previous exported reports, kept for historical purposes. For example: 20201215T140025.pdf

Additional notes

  • If the report is empty, no files will be archived. 
  • If email sending fails, due to unexisting recipient or due to large attachment, the task is however executed and data is saved in relevant export folder.


These are the current limitations of this feature:

  • There's no configurable retention of exported reports. If you keep this feature enabled for a long time, it might fill the destination hard disk. Please make sure to periodically delete old data, to avoid disk overflow.
  • Once this feature is enabled, ALL scheduled reports are subject to data export.
  • This feature is subjected to report schedules, with email sending. If you just want to save report results, without any email notification, just add a dummy email address while scheduling the report.
  • If you wish to save exported reports into an external shared folder, then you can just schedule a job to copy or move data from internal path to external, using Windows Task Scheduler


  • If you are experiencing problems while using this feature, you can consult the following log files:
    • Billy Blue's: C:\Program Files (x86)\StonevoiceAS\Var\Log\WinReport\ApplicationSuite.log
    • All other Imagicle apps: C:\Program Files (x86)\StonevoiceAS\Var\Log\ApplicationSuite.Core.Service\ApplicationSuite.log

Please search for the following strings:

DEBUG level ⇒  Archiving scheduled report

ERROR level ⇒  Error occurred during scheduled report archive

Article ID: 775
Last updated: 24 Jul, 2020
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