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Saving faxes in structured folders

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Last updated: 29 Jul, 2021
Applies from Application Suite 2015.3.1

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How to let Digital Fax save incoming/outgoing faxes in structured folders on file system.


If you want Digital Fax save the received or sent faxes to a structured tree of folders, proceed as follows.

Edit this configuration file with your favorite editor: 


Under [Settings] section verify the following parameters: CopyPathFormatIncoming and CopyPathFormatOutgoing. These parameters define how to save faxes:

  • CopyPathFormatIncoming defines the full destination filename for incoming faxes
  • CopyPathFormatOutgoing defines the full destination filename for outgoing faxes

For example if we want to save all incoming/outgoing faxes with this structure:


Ensure the [Settings] section of the configuration file includes the following lines:


; Set the archive fax format (1=TIFF, 2=PDF)


You can use the following placeholders as part of your file names or folder names.

{serial} Unique identifier (serial number) of the fax
{callingnumber} Calling fax number.
{callednumber} Called fax number.
{remotenumber} Remote fax number, i.e. sender for incoming faxes; destination for outgoing faxes.
{localnumber} Local fax number, i.e. the internal number and it is destination for incoming faxes; sender for outgoing faxes.
{username} Application username of the sender or destination of the fax
{direction} For incoming fax it is "In". For outgoing faxes it is "Out".
{status} Applies to outgoing faxes only. It can be "OK" or "KO".
{date:yyyyMMdd} yyyy: Year (4 num)
yy: Yes (2 mum)
MM: Month
dd: Day
HH: Hours
mm: Minutes
ss: Seconds
{time} Time of the day (start of transmission/reception), expressed in the "hhmm" format.

Please restart Digital Fax from the web interface after changing this configuration file.

Article ID: 88
Last updated: 29 Jul, 2021
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