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Secure Communications Certificate

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Last updated: 30 Mar, 2020

This article is applicable to Imagicle ApplicationSuite 2020.Spring.1 or later and it allows to download the Digital Certificate, required to enable Secure SIP and Secure RDP communications for Imagicle Queue Manager Enterprise applications.

Loading the Imagicle Certificate on your PBX

When Imagicle Server boots up, it creates a security certificate which is valid for the IAS server on which it was generated. It must be downloaded from the web interface, and uploaded on your PBX.

To get the Imagicle certificate:

  • Login to the IAS web interface as Administrator
  • Click on Admin ⇒ System Parameters ⇒ Secure communications certificate
  • Click on the Download button to download the communal Imagicle digital certificate and save it to your PC. The file extension is .pem.

To upload the certificate on your PBX, please follow the procedure related to your IP Telephony platform. Ask your PBX partner or vendor for further details.

Warning: Changing the Computer Name will invalidate the certificate. If you change the IAS server computer name, you need to regenerate the digital certificate.

Warning:  The digital certificate will last 5 years from the day it was generated, which is the day the product was installed. If required, the certificate can be re-generated for additional 5 years, by following this procedure.

Article ID: 736
Last updated: 30 Mar, 2020
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