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Speedy Gadget for Cisco Jabber

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Last updated: 10 Jan, 2017

Note: to configure the Speedy Gadget for Cisco Jabber, please refer to the general configuration section of this guide.

The Speedy gadget allows you to quickly search for external contacts and call them in a few clicks. The default behaviour is a full text search in all the directories the user is allowed to see. Since the search is made in all the contacts' details, including company name, address, department, telephone numbers and so on, the number of returned contacts can be high.

Scroll the results list to see more contacts.

Once a contact is displayed, move the cursor on the handset icon and click the number you want to dial.

To refine the search you can:

  • limit the search to a subset of directories through the checkboxes
  • use the advanced search for a more effective lookup

The advanced search looks for contacts which begin with the characters you entered, using the boolean operator AND between the fields.

The list of directories and the contacts can be edited through the Speedy web interface, as described in the Product Usage section of this guide.

Article ID: 117
Last updated: 10 Jan, 2017
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