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Synchronizing contacts with external sources

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Last updated: 29 May, 2019

Speedy can keep directory contacts aligned with an LDAP source. If you install Estos Metadirectories on the Application Suite server, you'll be able to import and synchronize external contact from virtually any source.

Here is an example on how to create a synchronized directory which imports contacts from Active Directory. The procedure for other sources (e.g. MS Exchange..) is similar. Please refer to Estos Metadirectory documentation.

1. Create a new synchronized directory

On the Speedy Web interface, Manage Directories page, create a new Directory flagging the option Synchronized and enter the IP address of the server Estos Metadirectory is installed on (it can be if it is installed on the Application Suite server). LDAP port will be 712, using the credentials choosen during metadirectory installation.

2. Configuring the replicator

Log onto the server Estos metadirectories is installed on. Open Metadirectory Interface through the Start menu link.

Locate the Replicators. Add a new Replicator.

Select the "Import" replicator type.

Select the Data Source type

Schedule the replication time. This setting will not affect Speedy, but Speedy schedule must be shorted than Estos.

Set the other parameters depending on the data source type.

How to map Estos database fields to Speedy

This table shows how to map Estos Metadirectory fields to Speedy fields.

EstosField Name Speedy Field Name
givenName FirstName
sn LastName
company CompanyName
mail Email
homephone HomePhone
telephoneNumber BusinessPhone
mobile MobileBusiness
pager MobilePrivate
facsimileTelephoneNumber Fax
department Department
streetAddress OfficeLocation
privateAddressStreet PostalAddress
- CostCenter
custom1 Custom1
custom2 Custom2
custom3 Custom3
custom4 Custom4
custom5 Custom5
custom6 Custom6
custom7 Custom7
custom8 Custom8
custom9 Custom9
custom0 Custom10

3. Run the import or change schedule

Click on the Synchronize contacts link. After running Metadirectory import once, you can test the synchronization by clicking "Run Now" or activate daily synchronization. The settings may be different for each directory. Each user will be able to manage his or her directories depending on Speedy permission level.

Article ID: 118
Last updated: 29 May, 2019
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