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The Main Administrator

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Last updated: 08 Oct, 2019

The Main Administrator

The Main IAS Administrator is a super user which always has full permissions (Level 10) on all the applications and is allowed to configure the system. This "first user" is created during setup and cannot be deleted.

The Main Administrator can create other users with extended permissions, so you can have an unlimited number of administrators allowed to manage some or all the applications.

The Main Administrator is not included in the IAS users list. It cannot be associated to a Voip phone, telephone number, fax number, personal email and so on. His purpose is only to perform the configuration of the services. For this reason, this account has no access to the Attendant Console, cannot send faxes, use click to dial, have personal directories...

If you give administrative privileges to a IAS user, he or she will not have such limitations.

Editing the Main Administrator's Details

From the “Your Account” link at the top of the page, users can edit their personal details. The main IAS administrator can change his/her username and password.

How to reset the main administrator to admin/admin

If you did forget the main administrator password, you can reset it:

  • By reinstalling the IAS package in the same folder, choosing a new name and password, or
  • By logging onto the IAS server and running the ResetIasAdmin.exe application from the <install dir>\Troubleshooting folder

If tool is not available, you can download it from here.

Article ID: 15
Last updated: 08 Oct, 2019
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