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The Users List

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Last updated: 06 Oct, 2016

To be able to use the Application Suite services, a person must be added to the list of known users. E.g., if Mario Rossi wants to send faxes through StoneFax, it is mandatory that you create a user for him in the Users List.

The user properties in the users list control which telephone (device) is owned by the person, if an application is enabled for that person and so on.

The users list also represent the internal contacts ("colleagues") directory.

  • All the Application Suite programs share the same Users List
  • A user in the users list can be associated to exactly one primary extension, one voicemail number and one fax number
  • Those numbers must be unique. E.g. the phone number 303 must appear only once in the users list, either as primary extension, voicemail or fax number.

If you need to associate more than one extension to the same person, you must create secondary users for him/her in the users list.

Usually, users in the users list represent physical persons, but you may want to create virtual users to control specific devices. For example you could create a "showroom" user which is associated to the IP phone of your company's show room.

So the users list is where you should start configuring the Application Suite. You can create the users list:

  • Adding them manually, one by one
  • Importing them from a file
  • Synchronizing the list with an external source, such as Active Directory, OpenLdap, a PBX or a database

You usually edit the users list logging into the web interface as the Main Administrator.

Article ID: 185
Last updated: 06 Oct, 2016
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