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Last updated: 10 Jan, 2017

Accessing Speedy Directories on the IP Phone

Click on the directories button to see the list of you directories. On some Cisco IP phone models, you may have to select "Speedy" before seeing the directory list. Use the IP phone buttons to move make selections and activate options.

Once you get to Speedy menu, you may:

  1. Search all directories. The default search is full text (google style). The advanced search works in boolean And mode (see the web search feature)
  2. Search for a specific contact using Fast-Search
  3. Browse a directory for contacts
  4. When the contact is found you may choose which of its numbers to dial
  5. You may also modify the called number before calling, choosing "EditDial"
  6. Modify a directory directly from the phone. Add, delete and edit contacts

All the display and search option are fully customizable by the System Administrator by modifying configuration files on the server.

Searching Directories


Fast Search

Browsing Directories

Displaying contact and Dialing phone number

Directory Lookup for incoming calls

When an incoming call rings on the phone, if the caller number is included in your directories, then the caller name is displayed on phone.

Article ID: 116
Last updated: 10 Jan, 2017
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