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Last updated: 17 Feb, 2021

The web interface allows the Call Recording users, Group Supervisors and Administrators to list, search and listen to the recordings. The recordings are displayed from the most recent to the oldest. The following information is available:

  • The call direction is displayed on the left. A red upwards arrow identifies the outgoing calls, i.e. the calls placed by the monitored extension, while a blue arrow marks the incoming calls (i.e. calls from PSTN).
  • In the date column you can see the date and time when the recording begun.
  • The duration is expressed in hours, minutes and seconds and it refers to the portion of the call being recorded. In case of On Demand recording, this will be shorter than the total length of the call. To know the total length of the call you can use Imagicle Billing.
  • In the extension column, you can see the primary extension of the IP phone (local party) recording the call, as defined in the IAS user's list
  • In the user column, the first name and last name of the IAS user associated with the extension recording the call
  • If the remote party number can be found in a Speedy Enterprise directory, the contact name is displayed in the Contact column (see below)
  • Rec ID: this is a unique generated by Imagicle Call Recording, uniquely identifying the call. When HA is enabled, the ID is unique across the nodes of the cluster
  • PBX Call ID: this number is provided by the PBX to identify recordings which belong to the same conversation. For example, if the user starts and stops the recording more than one time during the conversation, different recordings will appear in the list, all belonging to the same conversation and sharing the same PBX call id

Note: even if the recording of a call is complete, it takes some time before it is encoded and made available for playback. Press the "refresh" button to display the newly recorded calls.

To listen to a recorded call, click on it and press the play button. To download the recording as mp3 file, press the icon on the bottom left.

To delete the recording, press the trash icon on the left. If you cannot delete the recording, it is a matter of permissions. Most probably your profile is not allowed to delete the recordings. If you are an Administrator for the Imagicle Call Recording application and still you cannot delete the recording, then check Global Settings -> Permissions. "Recording can be deleted by" is probably set to "nobody".

You can also add a note to the recording. When a note is available for a recording, an icon is displayed on the left, close to direction. By moving the mouse pointer on the icon you'll be able to read the note, as well as the name of the user who last edited the note text.

Preserving a recorded call

Preserving a call is allowed if the system is configured to automatically delete the recordings after some time. In this case the call retention time can be extended by selecting the call and pressing the pin icon on the left. The amount of the call retention time is configured by the administrator in the global settings, and is displayed to the user through a tooltip.

Searching for a recorded call

When looking for a specific call, you can filter the available recordings by date/time and duration with the controls on the top of the page. You can also search the note by entering a portion of the text and pressing "enter".

The recordings list can also be filtered by one or more columns, by entering a portion of the data you are looking for.

If you enter more than one condition, only the recordings matching all the conditions are displayed.

Understanding directory integration and contact name resolution

If Speedy Enterprise is licensed, when the user displays the recordings a lookup is performed in Speedy external contacts directories to display the contact name.

The lookup is made in the directories available to the user, which are based on Speedy permissions, user's departments an so on. For this reason, different users can see different results.

Article ID: 150
Last updated: 17 Feb, 2021
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