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Last updated: 14 Dec, 2020

Imagicle Call Analytics needs the users to be configured with specific parameters through the web interface.

User Parameters

These are the mandatory fields which you need to configure for each user:

  • First Extension Number: the internal phone number of the user
  • Enable billing for first extension number: check box to enable call processing for this extension

Flag the other two "Enable billing" checkbox on this page to let Imagicle Call Analytics import the calls for the user's fax and voicemail extensions. Warning: Imagicle Call Analytics is licensed per number of billed extensions. Enabling billing for the voicemail or fax numbers will consume one or two additional license slots.

Warning: Only calls of configured named users with extension numbers will be processed by Imagicle Call Analytics, unless Automatic Acquisition has been enabled. In this case, all new extensions will be automatically documented in anonymous way, consuming a licence. If acquired DNs are related to Cisco Hunt Groups or Hunt Group members, relevant calls are documented in anonymous way, without consuming additional licenses.

Overlapped dial plans and partitions

The Partition field is needed if your organization uses overlapped dial plans. Fill it with the Partition ID to distinguish between users assigned to different partitions. The partition id will be prepended to the user line number this way:

<partition id>.<line number> 



This line id will appear in the call list and in all the reports, and can be used to filter the calls by partition, if needed. To leverage this feature, you have to select the driver labeled "CallManager (with partition)" in the Configuration Wizard.

Contact Manager Custom Fields

The ten user's custom fields are available in Contact Manager when a special configuration is activated. They are also available in Imagicle Call Analytics data, and can be displayed in the reports and used to group or filter the calls.

User Permissions

By selecting the “User permissions” icon from the “Main”->”User Management” link, you can specify the user’s level of permission for Imagicle Call Analytics:

  • Permission Level 0 no access: billing services are hidden to the user when he/she logs in the web interface
  • Permission Level 2, "View Personal calls": access to own calls only
  • Permission Level 6, "View calls of user's": access to incoming/outgoing calls belonging to own Department or Cost Center or Office location
  • Permission Level 8, "View all calls": access to all calls, of all users
  • Permission Level 10, "Complete Management": administrator: access to all calls, features and reports

Whenever a query is made, an implicit filter is added to the call data so that what the use can see is restricted accordingly to his/her permissions.

Note: Starting from Imagicle Summer 2018 release, when configuring Permission level 6 based on Department, user can grant a wider visibility on call data by including additional departments into "List of additional departments" field, separated by semicolon. See sample below:

Article ID: 48
Last updated: 14 Dec, 2020
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