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Accessing the Web Interface

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Last updated: 14 Jan, 2021

The Application Suite provides a web interface for both administrator and users purposes.

You can reach the web interface typing this URL in the web browser:

http://Server_IAS/ or https://Server_IAS

where Server_IAS is the IP address or DNS name of the server the IAS is installed on.

The URL is the same for administration and common usage. The setup program also creates a Desktop shortcut on the server and a link in the Start menu.

To log in as the main administrator, enter the username and password you provided during installation.

Default values: admin/admin.

There is no way to recover this password once lost. If you loose the password, you have to reinstall the Application Suite package in the same folder. The setup program will ask you for the new administrator credentials and will overwrite the old ones.

Once you are logged in, your session will expire after 4 hours of inactivity.

Supported browsers

The web interface can be best used with the following browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox (latest version)
  • Chrome (latest version) recommended
  • Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9
  • Safari (latest version)

Internet Explorer 10 and 11 require Application Suite version 2013.7.2 or later.

Microsoft Edge requires Application Suite version 2013.7.2 or later.

Internet Explorer 6 is not compatible.

SSO - Single Sign On

Feature not available for Imagicle UC Cloud suite

IAS supports Single Sign On (SSO), that is, automatic authentication to the web interface using the Windows domain user.

SSO requirements:

  • Internet Explorer version 6 and above, Firefox or Chrome web browser
  • The IAS server and the client PC must belong to the same Windows Domain
  • In Active Directory, the user Principal Name must be equal to the ssamAccountName

To enable Single Sign On:

  • Make sure the IAS users have the both the Active Directory Username and the Domain fields filled. You can set them through the Users Management web page
  • Under Admin, System Parameters, User Authentication settings, select "Active Directory/LDAP -> Application Suite"

To log in trough Single Sign On, users must open the following link in Internet Explorer:


If authentication fails you get redirected to the standard login page. In this case, please check that the server is joint to the right domain, that you can ping the domain controller from the IAS server, and that the above requirements are met.

1. By default Internet Explorer identifies a Web site or a share as in the Internet zone when the url is an IP address or a FQDN containing periods.

2. By default Internet Explorer allows autologon only in Local intranet sites.

So to have SSO working you have three ways:

1. Connect to IAS using the hostname only ex.: http://ias/fw/autologin.asp

2. Connect to IAS using FQDN ( or IP address and add it to the Local intranet zone:
    Tools | Internet options | Security | Local intranet | Sites | Advanced | http://<IP_or_FQDN>/ > Add

3. Connect to IAS using whatever and change the security level of the Internet zone:
    Tools | Internet options | Security | Internet | Custom level | User Authentication | Logon | 
    Automatic logon only in Intranet zone > Automatic logon with current user name and password

Article ID: 14
Last updated: 14 Jan, 2021
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