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Accessing the Web Interface

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Last updated: 22 Mar, 2022

The UC Suite provides a web interface for both administrator and users purposes.

You can reach the web interface typing this URL in the web browser:

http://Server_UCS/ or https://Server_UCS

where Server_UCS is the IP address or DNS name of the server the UCS is installed on.

The URL is the same for administration and common usage. The setup program also creates a Desktop shortcut on the server and a link in the Start menu.

To log in as the main administrator, enter the username and password you provided during installation.

Default values: admin/admin.

There is no way to recover this password once lost. If you loose the password, you can use the guide to reset it.

Once you are logged in, your session will expire after 4 hours of inactivity.

Supported browsers

The web interface can be best used with the following browsers:

Desktop browsers

  • Mozilla Firefox (latest version)
  • Chrome (latest version) recommended
  • Microsoft Edge (latest version)
  • Safari (latest version)

Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 are no longer supported.

Mobile browsers

  • Safari (latest version)
  • Chrome (latest version) recommended

SSO - Single Sign On

Starting from Imagicle UC Suite 2022.Winter.1, Single Sign-On is supported, based on SAML or OpenID Connect protocols. If this feature is enabled, user should enter own SSO user ID and eventually the authentication request is redirected to the federated SSO Identity Provider (IDP), where a password and/or a multifactor token should be entered. See below sample:


To learn how to enable SSO in your UC Suite or UC Cloud Suite, please consult this KB.

Article ID: 14
Last updated: 22 Mar, 2022
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