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Call Analytics in a MS Direct Routing architecture

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Last updated: 09 Mar, 2023

Imagicle UCX Cloud Suite for Microsoft Teams supports Imagicle Call Analytics (any version) by documenting external PSTN calls and MS-Teams to local PBX calls passing through MS Direct Routing SBC.

Please note that MS-Teams to MS-Teams internal calls can't be currently documented.


  • Please make sure that Imagicle UCCS has been already cloud authenticated, by following this procedure.
  • Please make sure that MS-Teams users' list has been populated including Azure UPN (SIP URI) in each Extension Number or Extension Number Alias field.


Please contact Imagicle Presales or Advanced Services team to schedule a preliminary session, where you'll be asked to provide a Tenant Administrator user's credentials and the Direct Routing SBCs Public FQDN, reachable from Internet.

During the session, Imagicle is going to generate a token and create an Imagicle Call Analytics connector to authorize CDRs retrieval from MS-Teams Cloud.

To double check proper connector enablement, you can connect to with Tenant Admin credentials. The list of available applications should include Imagicle Call Analytics Connector, as per below sample:

Imagicle Cloud CDRs Enablement

Imagicle now needs to configure the CDRs connector in own Cloud and add the Direct Routing SBC data into Imagicle UCX Cloud Suite instance.

For this purpose, we need the following data:

  • Public FQDN of each Direct Routing SBC in use for PSTN breakout.
  • If same SBCs are used to provide PSTN access to an additional, local PBX, then Imagicle Call Analytics can also document internal calls between local PBX and MS-Teams. For this purpose, Imagicle needs to know the numbering plan in use in the local PBX, to properly distinguish MS-Teams calls against local PBX calls.

Please allows up to 2-3 days to enable the CDR connector on Imagicle Cloud.

Article ID: 946
Last updated: 09 Mar, 2023
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