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Cisco AXL available synch logics

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Last updated: 21 Mar, 2022

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UC Suite for Cisco UC Winter 2013 and above


Imagicle UC Suite includes a specific setting which dictates the logic to detect users and devices while querying CUCM through AXL.

Default Legacy User Logic

This is the default setting, which supports:

  • Multiple CUCM clusters environment
  • Phone devices configuration retrieval, by just using the data included into IPDevices table (periodically populated by "Imagicle AXL Client" service).
  • Inheritates all limitations of basic AXL Client:
    • retrieves data about currently registered devices associated to CUCM end-users
    • retrieves just one line (DN) per device (first one)
    • does not retrieve line Partitions

To identify UCS users owning a device, it leverages a legacy logic based on users' table lookup, correlating MAC address and Primary Extension, following the rules included into Speedy.defaults (or .ini) setting file.

Complex (and most recent) User Logic

How to enable it (UC Suite 2021.Summer.1 and older)

To enable most recent user logic, please follow below procedure:

  1. Connect to IAS server through a RDP session
  2. Edit the following file: C:\Program Files (x86)\StonevoiceAS\Apps\ApplicationSuite\Settings\ApplicationSuite.ini
  3. Add the following line under [Setting] statement:


  1. Save file​
  2. Restart "Imagicle Service Host" from Windows Services control panel

Starting from Imagicle 2022.Winter.1 release, this setting is applied by default.

Note: Please make sure that Primary CUCM node, entered in System Parameters, does have Extension Mobility service enabled and running.

Advantages of this user logic

Complex User logic supports:

  • Single CUCM cluster
  • Comprehensive phone devices configuration retrieval, including all associated DNs and relevant Partitions, by directly querying CUCM web services (both AXL API and Extension Mobility API), thus quickly revealing device updates.
  • All available phone devices data retrieval from CUCM (even if not currently registered), excluding those models listed in this setting file: C:\Program Files (x86)\StonevoiceAS\Apps\ApplicationSuite\Settings\ApplicationSuite.ini
  • Correlation between users and associated devices by using a complex logic, involving multiple AXL queries. In any case, only first line (DN) of each device is taken into account.
  • Device IP addresses retrieval from IPDevices table

To summarize: complex logic retrieves mode data, but sometimes it might be slower than legacy one.

Article ID: 751
Last updated: 21 Mar, 2022
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