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Cisco Devices Adoption Reports

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Last updated: 08 Mar, 2022

Starting from 2021.Spring.1 Imagicle UC Suite release, Call Analytics application can document which phone devices are used by users, together with most/less used devices and users' devices adoption trends.

Additional configuration

If you are leveraging an Imagicle UC Suite prior to 2022.Winter.2 release, then you need to manually enable AXL "Complex User Logic" by following this KB.

Generic Reports including Device data

Both device model and device name are included into Cisco UCM CDRs, for both local party and remote party. The following fields can be shown in all those Call Analytics reports where the "Field selection" is included in report options:

  • Device model
  • Device name
  • Remote device model
  • Remote device name

See below "Call List" report sample:

You can also apply custom filters in ANY report, based on device name and model, like below sample:

Specific Devices Adoption Reports

To facilitate administrators who need to verify phone device usages, Imagicle provides a specific report category for this purpose, called "13-Model and Devices analysis". Within this report category, you can find two dedicated reports:

Device Models Adoption

Device Usage Trends

Article ID: 891
Last updated: 08 Mar, 2022
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