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Configuration for TAPI

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Last updated: 11 Jan, 2022

Additional Cisco Unified CallManager configuration when using TAPI

Device Association

For a telephone to be locked, it must be monitored through TAPI. Associate all the devices you want to use with StoneLock to the ImagicleCTI user you created during TSP setup.

Note: device association may required by other Imagicle applications leveraging the TAPI technology, such as Speedy, Queue Manage Enterprise, Blues Attendant. We advise to complete this configuration steps even if you choose the CURRI blocking technology.

Lock overlapping phone lines

Starting from Imagicle 2020.Spring.1 release, StoneLock TAPI engine can selectively lock overlapping extensions, if associated to different partitions and different phone devices. To enable this feature please populate relevant "Partition" field in Imagicle Users' list.

Troubleshooting tips

1. If an IP Phone does not appear in Admin -> Support -> (details) page, it cannot be monitored by Stonelock. It must have both the "Detected by AXL" and "Detected By TAPI" flags. If not, please double check device association on the CallManager, and AXL configuration on the IAS server.

2. Check that the option "Allow Control of Device from CTI" is enabled in the phone configuration (Device --> Phone)

3. Check that the AXL Service is active. In case of CuCM cluster installations, check that the IP address you entered in the IAS telephony services mask is the one of the node on which the AXL service is activated.

Article ID: 66
Last updated: 11 Jan, 2022
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