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Configure Cisco XML Service in HTTPS

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Last updated: 01 Jul, 2024

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Imagicle UC Suite for Cisco UC, all versions


This article details how to configure a Cisco XML to use HTTPS toward Imagicle UC Suite.
This can be used for different UC Suite application: Phone Lock, Contact Manager Lookup and/or SmartNumbers, Call Recording announcement.


Export the certificate from the UC Suite server

Follow procedure explained in Configure Cisco ECC Curri in HTTPS

Import the certificate into CUCM

Follow the same steps explained in Configure Cisco ECC Curri in HTTPS but choose "Phone-trust" as Certificate purpose.

Configure XML service

Configure the phones Authentication URL

On CuCM administration web menu, select System, then Enterprise Parameters and set the "URL Authentication" and "Secure URL Authentication" parameters to the following value:


Note to use the FQDN (and not the IP or other) of the IAS host as defined in its certificate in the "Service URL".

After this configuration you can test -for example- the Phone Lock service making a call from a locked phone and checking that ECC is working like shown in "Phone Lock" | "Call History" page in the UC Suite:

Article ID: 567
Last updated: 01 Jul, 2024
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