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How to modify the Scheduled Reports attachment size limit

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Last updated: 31 Mar, 2023

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Call Analytics Standard/Enterprise


How to modify the attachment size in the scheduled reports


Launch HeidiSQL tool, included into Imagicle UC Suite file system.
You find this tool at this path <StonevoiceAS>\TroubleShooting\HeidiSQL

To access to the database for local SQL instances (default state) the credentials are reported here:

For SQL 2008 (UC Suite version less or equal than Summer 2019): 

  • Username: sa
  • Default password: SvBillyBlues$

For SQL 2017 (UC Suite version greater or equal than Summer 2019, up to Spring 2023)

  • Username: sa
  • Default password:SvB1llyBlues$
  • For any other SQL versions, or if the defaults has been changed, please check with the database administrator for the right credentials

Connect to Imagicle DB and execute the following query:

DELETE FROM opzioni WHERE sEntry = 'LimiteAllegatiMail'
insert into opzioni (sSection,sEntry,sValue) VALUES ('Configurazione','LimiteAllegatiMail','20480000')

The sample '20,480,000' value can be adjusted as required:

1,024,000 - means 1 MB attachment

5,120,000 - means 5 MB attachment

10,240,000 - means 10 MB attachment 

Values should be added without commas.

Beware: a value too high, could overload the email server. Please ask your IT manager about maximum allowed email attachment size.

To apply the changes, please reboot Imagicle UC Suite server.

IMPORTANT: Starting from Imagicle 2023.Spring.1 release, MS-SQL Server 2008/2008R2 is supported only for updating an existing installation to Spring 2023, but you can't deploy a new Imagicle instance with such old MS-SQL version. Starting from 2023.Summer.1 release, MS-SQL 2008/2008R2 is not supported anymore and therefore a MS-SQL update is mandatory.

Article ID: 350
Last updated: 31 Mar, 2023
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