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How to move a SQL database to a new server

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Last updated: 16 Mar, 2018
Applies from Application Suite 201x (any version)
to version Application Suite 201x (any version)

Applies to:

SQL Server Any version - Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio express required


How to backup and restore Blue's SQL database to a new SQL server, even of different versions, provided the target SQL server is the same or higher version.


Please, make sure the destination SQL server is the same or higher version of the source Sql server.

  • Download and install Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express
  • Make sure your SQL is already installed on the destination machine and that you have username and password for the both source and destination SQL servers
  • Login through Remote desktop to Imagicle Application Server and stop all Imagicle Services running <IAS_Installation_Folder>*\Temp\SV-StopAllService.bat as administrator
  • Run SQL server Management Studio and connect to the source SQL where your current database is stored
  • Open database folder and right click on <IAS_DB_Name>** => activity => Backup...
  • From the new tab, click add and set a destination path for the backup, specifying the file name. click ok
  • Click OK to start the backup
  • Right click database folder and select restore database
  • Select 'source resource' and click '...'. Select the previously created backup file
  • Click OK to import the database
  • After the restore, close the application and Click Billy Blue's Configuration (start > program > Imagicle Application Suite >Configure Billy Blue's or, starting from Spring '18 you can use start > program > Imagicle Application Suite > Imagicle AS Database Configuration)
  • Modify the connection settings with the new ones
  • Click next and wait until operation ends
  • Click next until the end

When procedure is completed restart Imagicle Application Server, after the restart the applications will start to use the database in the new location

* <IAS_Installation_Folder> by default is C:\Program Files (x86)\StonevoiceAS\
**<IAS_DB_Name> by default is 'BluesPro' and for new installations, starting from Spring '18 is 'IAS'

Article ID: 378
Last updated: 16 Mar, 2018
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